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D70 ERR message...

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by Jim Strathearn, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. Well, last April, my early build D70 went back to Nikon for the BGLOD problem. The camera was a few weeks out of warranty but they fixed it for free. Now, it has the blinking "ERR" message. It will AF OK but won't release the shutter. Also, I can't lock up the mirror as that option is grayed out on the menu. I've already contacted Nikon and they said to send it back. The camera is well out of warranty now so I'm wondering if I'm going to be stuck with a bill for this or not. Has anyone sent their camera back for this and if so, did they charge you? My second D70 seems to work just fine so I'm hoping that once I get all the bugs worked out of the first one, I'll be good to go. FYI, my first D70 was purchased the first day they were available in the US. It is currently my backup camera and has had only a few images taken since being repaired by Nikon so this is disturbing to me. Next time (re; D200) I'm going to wait at least for a couple of firmware updates before purchasing a new model...

  2. dbirdsong

    dbirdsong Guest

    I sent one of D70's in on Monday for that problem too.
    I sure hope it is fixed for free, but I don't know yet. I know they recieved it Wednesday so I will be calling today to find out a time table for repair.
    I know that once it is back I will be selling my other D70 along with a couple other things so that I can get a D200 ASAP. I would love to be able to wait a while, but I don't think I can.. It is the little spoiled boy in me that says I want it now!!!! :biggrin:
  3. Thanks Dave. Please let me know how you make out. How old is your D70?
  4. dbirdsong

    dbirdsong Guest

    I bought it at the end of July, 2004.
  5. Seymore

    Seymore Guest

    Hey Jim... I just had the same error on my D70 (bought Dec 04). What happened with mine is the mirror would go up, and not come back down. If/when you have this prob, remove the lens and I think you'll find the shutter closed with the mirror up.

    BTW, 13 days from the day I shipped to the day I got the cam back!!! Not bad on the turn-around by Nikon Cali.

    Let us know what happens... Oh, and they'll let you know if there will be any charges before any work is done.
  6. Thanks Seymore.

    I did remove my lens before I shipped it off and tried a couple of different lenses. My mirror was down and on those times when I could get a reaction out of the shutter release, the mirror would flip up and down three times quickly but the shutter would never open. Wierd... Everything else seemed to work. I could preview pics on the CF card, the AF worked, etc. It probably is mirror related as the "MLU" option on the Setup Menu was grayed out and could not be accessed either.

    I hope this is it for sending this unit back to Nikon. I love the pictures from it but hate the lack of reliability.
  7. Seymore

    Seymore Guest

    Well, in my case it occured after ~28k shots. So, I just wrote it off to wear-n-tear. But, after hitting the DT's (hard) for not having my "baby", I broke down and got a D100 backup. Actually found one used for ~$600. So, keep your eyes open. They're out there if you're looking.

    BTW, the D100 makes for a great backup body... or in my case, it may just become my primary. I luv having the port shutter and 2 batteries on the MB-D100.
  8. Mine only has about 15K or so shots on the clock... But, I bet it had less then 50 shots since being repaired! I too had a pressing issue that required a camera while this one was in for repair so I got a second D70 body after it broke the first time. I got a good deal on a brand new one from B&H just as the D70S was being released...
  9. Seymore

    Seymore Guest

    Good deal. You can never have to many bodies, storage or lenses... (can you?) But, you can have to few!!! (o: |
  10. You got that right! :biggrin:
  11. heiko


    May 15, 2005
    Today I was taking pictures at my daugther's birthday at kindergarten and I got an ERR message. This hasn't been the first time, but in the past it usually happened when I replaced the CF card.

    I had to turn off the camera, remove the CF, and reinsert it. Then all was fine again. I wonder if this is in any way related to what you describe? I too could focus, but the shutter wouldn't release.

    Could this be a CF related issue? I sure hope it's not the camera, as I wouldn't want to send it in for repair to be without camera for weeks. And I am flying to London in a week and hope to be able to take some pictures.
  12. Heiko,

    I tried different CF cards and had the same result. The camera eventually got the ERR message as soon as it was powered on. I guess I'm just lucky! :eek: 

    Good luck with your trip...
  13. I'm stoked! Nikon is considering this problem a "re-repair" of my original BGLOD problem! It's already repaired and in shipping.

    Kudos to Nikon!
  14. Got the camera back today. They said the replaced the aperture control. I haven't tried it yet but will very soon.
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