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D700 Extended Warranty Recommendations

Discussion in 'Nikon FX DSLR Forum' started by beaucamera, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. What are you doing about an extended warranty for the D700?
    There's one listed on the Nikon site (2 years for $249.99), but most dealers don't have them yet.

    My local dealer suggested the Mack Diamond Warranty (3 year), which is supposed cover impact as well as other items. It wasn't on their price list yet, but I was quoted $299.99.


    aka beaucamera


    Apr 30, 2005
    Hi Virginia,

    One nice thing about Nikon's extended warranty is it will cover routine maintenance such as cleanings and rubber replacements. If you send your camera in once a year it pays for itself and you have the safety of other repair services that comes with an extended warranty
  3. Wait a bit. I bought a warrantee from Nikon for my D300 and then saw I could buy the Nikon warrantee for less from other vendors.
  4. I use Repairtech warranty. It is transferable to a new owner, which really helps if you tend to cycle through gear. It picks up after the Nikon year. I got 5 years for $135 at Digital Photo Discount Club.
  5. MrKegFlex


    Nov 23, 2007
    I'm starting to look into and was wondering what the best price was for a Nikon extended warranty. They seem to be more expensive for the D700 than the D300 was when it came out. I remember being able to get a Nikon extended warranty for my D300 for $100... the D700 seems to be quite a bit higher at $179 on the B&H site. $100 for an extra 2 years seemed like a no-brainer at the time... the more expensive it gets, the more I'm hesitant to buy one.

    Anybody find it cheaper through their local AD?
  6. dutchtrumpet


    May 2, 2007
    I'm wondering the same thing.
  7. AdamJ


    Jan 28, 2008
    Aurora, IL
    Nikon set the 'Suggested Retail Price' at $249.99 so it is thier doing for the higher price. Personally since you cannot even get a Nikon ESC on the D3, I'd say we are lucky to have the option on the D700.

    I was about to purchase the ESC for the D700 when I saw this wording "You must register the ESC within 10 days of your retail purchase of camera body" ?

    How is this even possible considering the ESC wasn't even available when I purchased the camera. Does anyone have any experience registering a camera ESC beyond the 10-day purchase window?

    I know that this 'claim' is also on the 5-year ESC for Nikkor lenses, but that they do not require the ESC to actually be registered to be valid.

    In this case the camera ESC is a bit different, and would be on a separate invoice from the camera itself.
  8. MrKegFlex


    Nov 23, 2007
    I have read several posts where people have emailed this same question to Nikon and they responded that you have until the end of the first year to purchase the ESC. If you are concerned, might not hurt to just drop them an email. I seem to remember that I got my D300 warranty a month or so after my D300 purchase and everything was fine.
  9. AdamJ


    Jan 28, 2008
    Aurora, IL
    Thanks, that is what I was thinking. I will give the ESC Sales Line a call tomorrow and see what they say.
  10. dgh3


    Mar 13, 2006
    Syracuse, NY
    I'd add a transferable 5-year warranty from another company, like Mack. They don't cost that much (because you're already covered for the first one, or two years with Nikon). I don't think I'll keep the camera 5 years, but, I think a transferable warranty would add to the resale value and make me as well as the buyer happier because there was someone to go to if there turns out to be a problem.

    Dave Harris
  11. Extended warranty experience with Mack Camera

    Hello Virginia and everyone,

    I want to share my first and last experience with Mack Camera Service, hope it's not too late for everyone.

    I bought five years international extended warranty for my Olympus C8080 and Nikon D2Xs.

    I'm living in Suriname, not any service available here. I was at assignments plus vacation in Turkey during last six weeks. I asked to Mack Camera Service for some of my small problems while describing them in my first message. Then they (department of International repairs) send empty forms to fill it, asked for copy of invoice and copy of warranty card plus registration on web that I already did before.

    My problems was few small stains at inside of lens and some corrosion on strap points on Olympus C8080 that they told me corrosion on strap points are not covered by warranty. I asked also general check and cleaning for my Nikon D2Xs.

    I send every necessary forms and copy of documents to them, then left for Turkey.

    Then I started to wait their confirmation for service centers in Istanbul / Turkey.

    Wait, wait, wait...
    Send a reminder. Wait.
    Wait, wait, wait...
    Send a reminder. Wait.

    ...How many time I did it I don't know? They didn't rejected any of my documents. But no one is giving any answer to me about their services in Istanbul / Turkey. I searched for same case on the web then found a contact name from Mack Camera Service, wrote him. He forwarded my e-mail to their department of international repairs. Finally they deigned to response one e-mail after his incomparable help that no include any excuse for their late answer, no warranty, even for stain remove/cleaning inside of lens on Olympus C8080 and no any service available also for my Nikon D2Xs. Absolutely nothing !

    What I did?

    I called distributor of Nikon Turkey ---> (KARFO INC.)

    KARFO INC. invited me to their headquarter, one of beautiful place in the middle of historical part of Istanbul. I took a little seat and walk around there. They just checked my Nikon D2Xs plus sensor cleaning without asking anything, free of charge, with smiles on their faces.

    I will not buy any of third party extended warranty other then original brands like Nikon, Olympus.

    This is a worst and expensive experience. I can not imagine if I was in the middle of an emergency situation.

    Mean while I want to send my special thanks to B&H Photo Video that they send all of my original documents perfectly in a few hours after my request.

    Many cheers you to all,

    Friendly Regards,

    Ertugrul Kilic
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