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D700 tip, Change Pic Control on the Fly

Discussion in 'Nikon FX DSLR Forum' started by basharar, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. You can change picture controls on the fly with the D700,

    here goes,

    In MY MENU

    Place "Set Picture Control" as the first item

    Go to f Controls/f5 Assign FUNC button
    select the First line "Func.Button press"
    then Select Access top item in My Menu

    Now to scroll through the controls using the command dial:
    go to Custom settings/f Controls/f9 Customize command dials/Menus and playback
    set that to on, now the magic is on
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  2. Basharar, first of all "peace" pertaining to the other thread. Your suggestion is a good one however when you do this you lose the exposure bracketing function. I think this is correct unless I missed something in the instructions which is quite possible. The D3 has a button for bracketing on the top of the camera on the left side and it can't be lost, it's there permanently. If you can work this so that the bracketing function can still function, I would be curious to know how you did it.

  3. Hello GeneC,You assign can the Bktrk to the upper function dial and loose the preview. One argument would be, if you are a D700 user "not a full-time pro", you would probably care more about picture controls than Bktrk and you maybe shooting jpgs most of the time. I find myself switching picture controls a lot between people and scenes, I rarely use bktrk, and I am not using NEF/capture NX a lot these days, I am getting excellent results out of the camera, so why bother...<this is not to trigger JPEG/RAW arguments folks>
  4. Yes, I know about that, when you shift something around on the D700 you always lose something else. I tried to find bracketing in the menu, it's still tied to a button. You just have to pick the one you will use most I guess.
    I too am getting good results with the D700. The only thing negative I have noticed so far is that the exposure accuracy doesn't seem to be as consistant as the D3 or D300 for that matter. I used to brag about the other two cameras getting it right 100% of the time. I spend a lot of time checking the histogram on this one.
  5. PeterRH

    PeterRH Guest

    That is interesting to me.....I have seen quite a few reports since the D3 launched which hailed the accuracy of its exposure measurement in a huge variety of settings.

    If the D700 is significantly different, I wonder why.....can't imagine the matrix database of potential image situations has been crippled has it?
  6. hello guys, do you have Active D-light set to AUTO, I think that messes with the exposure a little bit...
  7. No. This is a gut feeling I have after week or so of testing and looking. It just doesn't seem to quite have the uncanny accuracy of the other two bodies. Another gut feeling on the good side is that the Auto white balance is more accurate on the D700 than the D3.
  8. Ok! very interesting,lets hope a firmware update will be the cure. I am not very happy with the white balance especially under yellow lights, I found the kelvin temperature settings to be handy, its a bit tricky, but once you know what values to play around it seems to work fine, especially between 2500-3500K
  9. You may want to try setting the white balance with a gray card. I did this with a D3, it worked really well and it's very easy to do. Just carry a piece large enough to shoot before hand and set it right on the spot. One of the problems I am having with exposure is that I am mixing Zeiss ZF's with Nikon lenses. The ZF's seem to require a bit more exposure than the Nikon's or even Sigma's. I didn't seem to have the problem with the D3 but I am with the D700. I'll work it out though. The matrix metering doesn't work as well with the ZF's either even though you enter the data for non CPU lenses. Same with the AIS. They tell you in the instructions to do what you have to do to get good results and that is about what I am doing.
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