d70s auto-iso

Jul 24, 2008
so as I get accustomed to this camera I'm noticing some interesting new features. one of which is the auto-iso setting. I shoot primarly in aperture priority mode and am curious if anyone uses this feature or has strong opinions either for or against it. i know it can cause bad results in full manual mode, but if im going to be shooting in manual, then i'll be controlling all settings anyways :p
Dec 15, 2007
Long Island, NY

Like anything else, it depends on how you use it....

I will often use manual exposure becuase I want a certain Shutter Speed and DOF, and use Auto ISO to keep me on exposure. The only issue is when you lose track of changing light, and find that the cameras gone way higher on ISO than you'd have liked.

Most of the time, I am shooting either Aperture or Shutter priority, or manual, and I fix the ISO where I want it, or manual everything (including ISO) so I have no excuses, but for some cases Auto ISO gives me the control I need, and allows me to shoot a litte easier.

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