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D70s+Kit Lens OR D70s Body Only+24-120MM VR

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PhotoByMark, Jun 5, 2005.

  1. Hello everybody,

    I am hoping some of you can give me some advice on which way to go here. I am going to purchase a D70s, hopefully tomorrow. My delimma is this:

    1) Should I buy the D70s+Kit Lens or
    2) Should I buy the D70s Body Only and the 24-120MM VR Lens.

    The kit price is 1199.99 and the body is 899.99. The kit lens is worth about 300. The 24-120 lens is 509 at B&H so I am investing $300 more to get D70s and the VR lens. I loose just a little at the wide end and gain some zoom compared to the kit lens. And of course I get VR and I think a better lense?

    I really like VR and I use that alot on my Olympus camera that I have now.

    Does anyone have the 24-120mm VR lens and can you comment on it?

    So am I stuck and undecided which way to go here. Any and all comments are welcomed.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi Mark,

    Good points of 24-120VR:

    VR really works in low light situations and when you need stability.
    Good focal range and will come very handy as a walkaround and travel lens
    The build is better than the kit lens (my personal judgment)

    Depending on your needs, these good points may be its advantages as well.

    There are several threads on the VR. Check them out.

  3. choice of lens

    I have heard varying things about the 24-120vr lens. Some have thought it was overly expensive for what you get. You could get the kit lens and save up for a pro grade lens, which mark my words you will do if you stay with it long enough. Have fun. CS Dayan
  4. Ken-L

    Ken-L Guest

    I have both lenses. The slightly wider angle is the only "advantage" to the kit lens. If I were buying a D70 today I would go with the body only and the 24-120VR lens.

    Now that I have the 24-120VR I will likely sell my kit lens.
  5. Yes Ken but how long before only 2.8s call your name! except for 12-24.
    CS Dayan
  6. Ken-L

    Ken-L Guest

    So true..... :p 
  7. Thanks for the responses.

    I think I will be going with the body and the VR lense.

    And then I will be saving up for a nice med zoom lense. And then a nice wide angle lense and then......$$$ :) 
  8. Ken-L

    Ken-L Guest

    Mark -

    I just got my 24-120VR, here's my 1st posted photo with it.....we absolutely love this lens!

    It's so easy to get a quick sharp shot without camera shake...

  9. Ken,

    I saw that you got your lens. And like it!

    So do you think I am doing the right thing by just skipping the kit lens and going for this lens as my first lens? Show us some more pics when you get a chance.
  10. Ken-L

    Ken-L Guest

    Mark, I wish I had known then what I know now - I would definitely choose the 24-120VR over the kit lens.

    Aside from all the other considerations, camera shake reduction is so nice. I can get good results with my other lenses but it takes concentration and effort, and a lot of shots get deleted due to camera shake. When my wife takes a shot the shake is a big problem (she's not a photographer in any sense).

    So, now I won't miss those "hurried" shots, or the one I only get one chance with, due to camera shake. I even deliberately shook the camera as though I had palsy when taking one shot and it came out fine!
  11. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Love my 24-120 VR VR VR :>)))))
  12. My original kit was the d70 and 24-120VR. It's a great walk-around lens, but it's slow... particularly since you have to stop the lens down to reach its sweet spot.

    Just to give you something else to obsess about, another walk-around lens that's gaining favor is the Tamron 18-200.
  13. 24-120 is a little slow but, I think I can get some good use out of it and I think I will like it for now.

    I know this is not a "Macro" lense but, does anyone have any macro ("close-ups") pics with this lens? How can I get more macro capabilities out of this lens?

    BTW-I ordered today. D70s+24-120 VR instead of the kit lens.

    It is easy to be patient before you order something but, once you order seems like it takes forever for the goods to arrive. It is gonna be a long 5 or 6 days....
  14. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Here's a couple macro shots with my 24-120vr plus B+W +3 (the flower) and +2 (the floating superconductor) close-up attachments:


  15. Very cool! - Thanks.

    Will have to get a couple of those close-up filters. I have a cheapo set of close-ups +1,+2,+4 and have gotten decent results from my Olympus camera.

    I saw somewhere that the Canon 500 close-up filter also works well.
    P.S. - Do not kill me for saying the "C" word.
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