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D70s vs. D70

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by Pa, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. I'm still trying to decide which second body to buy as a backup to the D70 and for my wife to use. I've now ruled out the D50, and I'm trying to decide if the D70s is worth $150 more than a D70. My research suggests that the "s" has slightly faster focusing (but did the firmware upgrade to my D70 bring it up to speed?), bigger LCD, and ...?

    Is there more? Maybe I've missed something on this forum.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. The things I remember are:

    1) Bigger LCD
    2) Connection for external shutter release
    3) Slightly faster focusing (D70 Firmware fixed this too I believe)
    4) ENEL3a - Slightly longer battery life (works in D70 too)

    I went with D70s just cause it was newer but, I think I would have been happy with the D70 too.
  3. Ken-L

    Ken-L Guest

    Unless the difference in $ is a problem, I would usually go with the newer version of any product. As for the D70 vs. D70s, I would opt for the extra features and higher resale of the D70s.
  4. Having owned both I can say the the S model is an improvment. Mostly in the little stuff, but improvments none the less.
    So beyond the improvements mentioned above there are a few others.
    1 better eyecup. It stays on and is nicer all around.
    2 the LCD guard actually stays on. On my D70 it was off on the first day.
    3 Many of the bugs of the D70 do not seem to be showing up in the S model.
    4 I feel more important and up to date with the S model.
    5 It's only money.

    Seriously though, I would say get the D70s if you can.
  5. This is #1 in my book.
  6. JayR


    Jul 6, 2005
    Redmond, WA.
    Most of the new features are available for the D70 through a firmware update.

    HOWEVER, I think the capability to use a corded shutter release would be worth the extra monies as I find it frustrating to use the wireless remote with my D70. If you don't use remotes, then it is not a problem either.

    If I was buying a second body, I would defintely buy the D70S if I had already decided to stay in this category for the above mentioned reason.

    You mentioned focussing speed, have you thought about picking up a used D2H and giving your D70 to your wife? :D evil:
  7. Definitely choose D70s.

    I think D70ses aren't plaqued with BGLOD, at least I 've never heard of them and mine isn't.
  8. Keaka


    Oct 13, 2005
    Richmond BC
    Thats strange. My previous job was in camera sales, and so far after all this time I have never heard of a single case of the BGLOD even though it seems to be a full fledged epidemic according ot what you read online.
  9. I've had a D70 for a while now and love it. I don't think the S is worth 10$ more. :eek:  ........... :tongue:

    That being said the D50 is supposedly better than both......... at least for JPG's.

  10. dbirdsong

    dbirdsong Guest

  11. D70s is better

    My D70 finally (after 1 1/2 year) developed the dreaded BGLOD). I couldn't believe when it happened but it did. It is now at Nikon service for repair. Since I have no idea how long the repair will take and I was needing (wanting) a backup anyway, I purchased a D70s body. All I can say is that, as far as focusing and overall performance is concerned, they have really improved things. My D70 had the firmware upgrades and they helped but the D70s is definitely superior and well worth the price difference. However, ymmv.

  12. I have no objection to continuing this thread, but I got a good deal on a D70s from a forum member 10 days ago, and I'm happy with the purchase. :biggrin:

    However, I don't think the "s" is worth the extra $150 so far.
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