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Review D7200 mini review

Discussion in 'Reviews, Tests, & Shootouts' started by Randy, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. I "give up" on you ever giving any evidence to support your claim that Nikon "dumbed down" the AF on the D7100 in order to sell D7200's. As I stated, you must have far more insight into this than I do. Your conclusion is purely anecdotal, and no different than mine, regarding the AF of the D7100 vs the D300. Difference is, I admit that and agree that different folks have different experiences for various reasons which are difficult, if not impossible, to quantify. You, on the other hand, make statements like "dumbed down" with no support.

    Had you not asked, I would not have bothered to explain more. Is THIS more clear to you now?
  2. I shot a lot of HS football with a friend who could not get comfortable with the AF-On button on the D200/D300 style bodies, it just wasn't "thumb comfortable" for him. So even though that is the "preferred" location, with the second button, for many it is still not ideal for all.

    You do bring up the biggest drawback of programming the AE-L/AF-L button, many of us don't use AE-L so we don't hit the issue.

    And let us not forget, that we have 10 fingers, so even 11 buttons won't always be enough :) 
  3. I found the opposite. When I got my D7100 I still had one D300, so I shot them side by side for football, baseball, BIF. I especially found the D7100 to acquire AF quicker, which is not at all surprising as the hardware base for the AF came from the same roots, but Nikon had several years to further perfect the algorithms. Now I would certainly not say it was "light years" ahead. If I had a camera with basically the same AF module that was taking a full second longer to AF, I would have had that sucker back to Nikon in a heartbeat. As to "losing focus", there I may agree. I still have not found an AF that won't, at least on occasion and depending upon the subject, lose focus.

    Having shot my new D7200 last week for 3 days, the AF matches my D810 much more closely than the D7100 did, I don't think you will be unhappy with that at all.
  4. Oh, c'mon, get off your lazy tookus and just buy the darned thing!

    We all just LOVE to help other folks spend money, don't you know?
  5. docsol


    Mar 20, 2006
    Milton, NY
    I am off my tuchus! My birthday is soon. I now know what I am buying myself!
  6. Karen gave you a good answer, let me add a bit. Years ago I did a workshop with the then renowned Ron Reznick who is a big proponent of using AF-On. I was not, but he convinced to try it, and I have not looked back. That being said, for many folks, and this may be the case with Randy, it just isn't comfortable. My wife hates it, and as I noted in another post so did another friend of mine. For me it just turns out that my thumb falls into the right spot.

    That being said I find two other things that I like about using AF-On. The first is that I no longer accidentally take a picture when I really did not want to. I found that at times I would accidentally apply just a bit too much "half press", which was quite annoying. The other issue is when VR is on, annoying when it is constantly activating, which is one reason I mostly have it turned off anyway.

    Certainly no point in changing if what you are doing now works for you.
  7. Sooper-Dooper! My birthday is soon too, just a couple of weeks, so I got MY present 2 weeks ago :ROFLMAO: 
  8. mdupont


    Jun 12, 2007
    Centreville, VA
    So far it sounds like the D7200 is a winner. Have total knee replacement coming up the end of April so will be on IR for a month. Ill wait until then and see some additional reports before I pull the trigger. I can guarantee you that once I do the Unicorn of the camera world (d400) will be released.
  9. scott1541


    Mar 23, 2014
    Just poking my head in here to say I picked my D7200 up this afternoon. Got it home and everything seems to be working alright, haven't had a proper chance to test it as the battery is still charging. It worked fine with the only lens I have at home, the siggy 17-50, even in live view. (My other lenses are at uni)

    Hopefully I won't regret buying this, even though I'm not a massive sports or bird person, I do both occasionally though.
  10. *BBD


    Apr 5, 2009
    So. IL USA
    Mine, too! I was thinking of going micro 4/3 (the new Oly OMD 5 Mark II (is that right?) is sweet), but I think the D7200 is better for what I do at this point.

    And y'all are a buncha enablers. =D|

    Hi! I'm Gary. And I have NAS.
  11. Good luck on the replacement. You know, that month off is the best time to read the manual and set up your new camera. Not the we all think you buy it for your Get Well present or anything ........
  12. On the D610 and the D7100, when the AE-L/AF-L is designated for focus it also activates VR.

    But I'm like Bill, I resisted using it at first but once I adapted I can't imagine ever going back.
  13. Kerry Pierce

    Kerry Pierce

    Jan 7, 2006
    I haven't used the d7100 enough to have an opinion on the frequency of focus stealing vs other cams. My tests were designed to eliminate focus stealing as a possible issue. My tests were purely an AF tracking test and when the d7100 failed, it failed dramatically. Most of the time, the entire image was completely out of focus. Neither the d3s nor the d300 failed any of those tests.

    Whether or not it's an intentional dumbing down, I can't say. It seems logical to me that the d7100 suffers from some of the same design issues that the d300 did. The AF module needs a bunch of supporting electronics and that stuff has to be fast enough to handle the most difficult subjects. The d300 AF isn't on the same level as the d3 or d3s, most likely because of the differences in the supporting electronics. I assume that the d7100 has the same issue, in that the AF module isn't properly supported by the rest of the AF package. Simply comparing it to other cameras of the same era leads me to that conclusion. It seems to me that it isn't quite as good as my d800, just as the d300 wasn't quite as good as the d3.

    The d7200 seems to have addressed that issue, which is a darn good thing for the folks buying the d7200. Like you, I'm feeling a bit unhappy about it, but I got the d7100 for an exceptionally good price. That helps take the sting out of it. :)  I don't know what I'll do with it or when I'll obtain a d7200. I'm in no hurry.

  14. Excellent clarification Jim, and thinking back this annoyed me. I would much prefer to have the option to decouple the VR as well.
  15. I have to confess that someone else here (Randy?) convinced me that was happening, as I hadn't noticed. Does it also happen on the D7200? Seems that if you could defeat it you would get marginally better battery life.
  16. Better battery life AND you would not have to put up with that annoying "shift" you get in the view finder. Normally I am shooting well over 1/500th when hand held, so having VR off is a no brainer anyway, as long as I remember.
  17. Butlerkid

    Butlerkid Cafe Ambassador Moderator

    Apr 8, 2008
    Rutledge, Tennessee
    That's what I do. VR always off 'cuz I focus on keeping the SS up. VR comes on only in situations where I can't get the SS high enough.
  18. the d7200 is so small that IMO compared to an xt1 it may be the same size and lighter. I know the lenses are bigger for d
    what was happening ?

  20. Not me, i never use afon
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