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Review D7200 mini review

Discussion in 'Reviews, Tests, & Shootouts' started by Randy, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. OK where did I read CS6 and LR are not reading 7200 NEF files, if so did they come up with a fix yet?
  2. scott1541


    Mar 23, 2014
    Yeah that is still the case. The best (IMO) work around at the minute is to use ExifTool to change the camera model of the NEF files to D5300, after this they seems to work fine in lightroom at least. You can do it in batches so it's fairly painless.

    I think this has been stated before on here, maybe even in this thread but I can't be bothered to go searching.

  3. I am shooting Raw + Jpg until ACR is updated and coincidentally I have discovered it may not matter so much whether we shoot raw or jpg....
    maybe if we have to fix an EV or WB problem it matters more
  4. I don't use RAW + JPG as there are a number of programs, Photo Mechanic and Nikon View as examples, that will very quickly convert a folder of images into the full-size JPG's. I don't want to slow the camera down by forcing it to write both files, nor do I want to waste the space.

    One other thing I just found is that Fast Raw Viewer will open D7200 NEF files. Much like Photo Mechanic you can rate your images, but you can't add keywords. Nice thing is you are working from your NEF, viewing the actual histogram, and are able to make some basic edits. I believe that Iliah Borg has been involved in this project. Very fast process, and pretty darned cheap as well.
  5. Exactly what I do, I have seen it posted here and other places, sometimes by me, but I am not the "inventor" of this method. I just gladly borrowed it :) 
  6. Good Lord............ya gotta love the Engineers, at least they didn't change the battery.
  7. Or the grip!
  8. Or the Color!!!!!
  9. Russ_


    Feb 20, 2011
    New Zealand
  10. over this conversation, I opened up a NEF taken with D7100 , went into EXIF, Properties, Detail and changed the camera to D7200, saved and reopened in ACR "CAN NOT OPEN FILE" no DUH! so theoretically when I get the 7200 just change the camera to D7100 and should be good to go...................right?
  11. Patience is a virtue Darrell.
  12. I know, I have been patient, just waiting for the New York people to get back from their Holiday weeks so shipping can start, I'm just practicing for when my 7200 shows up, been reading the Owners Manual till 2:30AM :sleep:  ...........I'm going NUTS!!!:shame: 
  13. I have not tried using D7100 instead of D5300, no particular reason, so just for the heck of it I gave it a try. My recommendation, unless you like Pink, stick with D5300. Not sure why, but the rendering for the D7100 just flat stinks, while the D5300 works quite nicely. Perhaps something to do with who really does make the sensor? At any rate, set one to D7100 if you want a surprise :eek: 
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