D800 HDMI output strange behaviour

Jul 8, 2008
I am a D800 owner and recently I purchased the SmallHD DP6 1280x800 hiRes monitor.
I 've read that when I record to card, HDMI outputs limits at 720p.
Well, this is my case:
Video on the monitor looks great when in live view mode, but when I press record the video cuts out as the camera is now sending a smaller video format and the monitor takes a few seconds to adjust to the new stream.

I tried both 720p and AUTO in setup/HDMI/output resolution.

When I set AUTO then:
I am in the menus: DP6 receives 1080i signal
I am in Lv: DP6 receives 1080i signal
I start recording on card: DP6 turns to blue and then receives 720p signal

When I set 720p then:
I am in the menus: DP6 receives 720p signal
I am in Lv: DP6 receives 1080i signal (!)
I start recording on card: DP6 turns to blue and then receives 720p signal

My other settings:
D800 fw: A:1.01 B:1.02
DP6 fw: 2.1.1
D800 movie settings: 1920x1080/25fps/hQ
D800 setup/HDMI/advanced: Output Range=Limited, output display size=100%, Lv OSD display=OFF

I just connected D800 to my samsung FullHD 40'' TV
Same behaviour, when in Lv it displays 1080i, when I press record, signal stops for 1 sec and then turns into 720p

Just tested my D4 AND my D3200
both same behaviour, when I press record, image disappears and comes again in 720p

I shall make another statement.

No matter what I choose in HDMI settings (I tested many combinations) I cannot get the monitor to show video continuously from Lv to Recording.
I tested 3 cameras, 3 cables and 2 HDTVs !
May 27, 2006
Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
It does a lot of interesting things when recording video. I don't have the external monitor that you speak of but I record to an Atomos Ninja and there are very specific settings to get it to work correctly. If I have a card in the slot it automatically downsizes to 720 whether I record to the card or not.

The Ninja is great in this regard in that the camera doesn't have to do anything different and there's no "hitch" or change as you describe when you go from monitoring to recording.

May 16, 2006
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