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D850 as a DX camera ???

Discussion in 'Nikon FX DSLR Forum' started by olshroom, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. If I read it correctly the D850 can be changed over to the DX mode. If this is correct then can you use DX lens? If so I wish I would have kept mine.
  2. That is correct. I use the Sigma 50-100, a DX lens on my D850 at a 1.2 crop (on the advice and experience of Will, aka Trenchmonkey).
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  3. So you bought a $3,000+ camera, and then sold it, without fully understanding its capabilities and function? No reading of the manual? Am I understanding your post correctly?
  4. MNglass


    Dec 7, 2005
    My understanding was that he sold his DX lenses, not the D850. Although your point about reading the manual regarding the use of DX lenses seems true.
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  5. Jim, pages 491-498 of the manual explains all this, and on page 495 it shows the 4 extra image ares the camera supports.
  6. All FX cameras have a DX mode.
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  7. That makes more sense, but the way the OP was written was rather ambiguous. Either way, RTFM is always sound advice when purchasing a new camera so that you can get the most out of it.
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  8. Reading all EULA's is always sound advice when buying software and signing up for websites, such as Facebook, reality is not many do either.

    To the OP.

    One interesting "advantage" to this is that you can see your subject before it enters the actual field of view. The downside of this is that the appearance of the image is smaller, as the DX, or whichever crop you use, does not expand to fill the VF. As well, even DX cameras, such as the D500, have crop modes. I will sometimes use this when I know I am already going to crop out empty space anyway.
  9. I read a EULA once. Still have a headache and don't know what it said.
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  10. No, your understanding is incorrect. Yes I purchased a $3,000 dollar camera. And I still have it. When I purchased it I sold a D90 with all of its DX lenses. I wish I had kept a couple of those DX lens. Sorry if the post was unclear.
  11. No worries, it was cleared up by other posters.

    What DX lenses did you wish you would've kept around?
  12. Jim - You might want to consider downloading the manual for your camera from Nikon's site. I've attached the link: Nikon | Download center | D850

    As long as you use acrobat reader, you can easily search for specific information in the manual. The D8__ series manuals are pretty big and detailed and I've really found it helpful to be able to scroll through the manuals using key words.
  13. I do have the manual for my camera. To read it front to back would make my eyes cross before I got very far into it. I have found that at times when I look to clarify something in the manual it has me going to many different pages looking for an answer. And the answer is not clear so I will go to the Café for clarification. I do realize that when I do a post posing a question it will be suggested I go to the manual.

    As to the lens I wish I had not sold it was a Tamron 10-24mm.
  14. I just received my Tamron 10-24 today (the new version), and am very impressed with it. It's a hell of a lens for $400 (what I paid for it).
  15. If you want an "on the go" copy of any Nikon manual, download the Nikon Manual Viewer App to your pad or phone.
  16. You're welcome :D 
    I figured sooner or later you'd catch on; this being the 3rd time I've posted that information.:whistle: 
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  17. "It's deja vu all over again." -- Yogi Berra

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