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D90 High ISO: Kickboxing (main event fight)

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by Stanicmi, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. Late Saturday night, early Sunday morning, August 16th 2009, Osvaldo "June" Dominguez prepared for his next main event fight. June won the fight after five rounds.

    I had the opportunity to capture the action, as a photographer, a friend, and a teammate. I have been training out of Sitan Gym since November 2008, when I originally weighed 205lbs. After training at the gym I lost over 50lbs thanks to Rami Ibrahim, the owner and head trainer of Sitan Gym. June joined the gym about the same time as me and we have learned a lot together, both in and outside of the ring.

    I hope you enjoy these shots, and as always, C&C is welcome.

    5PM EST: Rami Ibrahim (right) applies hand wraps for June (left).

    11PM EST: June prepares for the fight with stretching and some healthy thinking.

    12AM EST: June starts heavy shadow boxing only minutes prior to his fight.

    1AM EST: Rami Ibrahim (left) gives final instructions, support, and guidance to June (right).

    June lands a high kick against his opponent, Mike Lyle, straight to the head. (the force of this kick is equal to the full swing of an aluminum baseball bat)

    June looks over as his opponent slowly recovers from the mat.

    June lands a strong kick against his opponent's arm. ** READ MORE BELOW**

    June lands a strong kick to the thigh area, usually resulting in immediate numbness to the local area.

    June lands an uppercut straight to the face.

    Yet another kick to the head.

    The fight was delayed from a scheduled 11pm to 1am but this kick made it all worth it. June was pumped with excitement and the support from Sitan Gym on the sidelines pushed him past the edge. In this shot he executed a double spinning kick, landing both to the head/neck area.

    Rami Ibrahim (left) and June (right) posing for a picture after the fight.

    **** My trainer received word that June broke both of his opponent's arms during the fight. The pictures above are perhaps the direct kicks that caused the damage.

    D90 Video:
    June shadow boxing before the match as a light warm up

    June trains out of Sitan Gym, located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, under the personal supervision by World Muay Thai Champion Rami Ibrahim.

    (All with D90 and 35 1.8)
    Thank you all for looking. :wink:
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  2. Pretty decent stuff, nice use of B&W.
  3. #9 is my favorite.

    I'm anything but a professional, but some of the angles were a little strange. The lighting, action, shadows... they all seemed good, but I liked #9 for the angle you shot at.

    But I'd imagine that having to stay out of the ring kinda' adds an extra level of difficulty to the shot.
  4. The lighting in there was horrible. (Orange gym lights)

    I was granted access by the event organizers and by the WKA judge (world kickboxing association) to shoot from the ropes and I did all night, however when the main event fight came around I was told to get off because people couldnt see past me.

    It was the main event fight and I knew that going to the event organizers would take me away from the fight to explain, which in my judgment was worse than moving. I believe it was the WKA official that told me between rounds that "people paid good money for those seats and I was in the way" I explained that I was taking pictures for the event coordinators for marketing purposes but he didnt want to hear it.
  5. The shot of the double spinning kick is excellent!
  6. For those interested in seeing the final round in action with the spinning double kicks, here is the you tube link.

    ** NSFW and lots of yelling in the video, I suggest turning your volume down to a minimum. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1V8kBoNGBw
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