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D90 is a winner, I think

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by pforsell, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. pforsell


    Jan 15, 2008
    Looks to me that the D90 is a great strategic move from Nikon. As a matter of fact it is a fifth in row started with the D3.

    Now Nikon offers the D300 image quality in smaller, lighter and lower cost package. Of course the body toughness and some features can only be had with the D300, but with added cost too. After looking at the specs I can't see anything wrong with the camera. Looks like a worthy upgrade to the old D80 and I'm sure even some D200 users will have a good look into it.

    This has been a great year for Nikon shooters. The company has made great progress and for the first time has a full lineup that matches or surpasses the competition. Every feature/price bracket is occupied with a top quality camera, except for the high resolution studio camera.

    I don't think it is just naïve fanboyism, but the progress by Nikon gives me some comfort as a hobbyist. I am not a professional who can switch brands and buy new gear whenever the need arises, I am a happy snapper who has invested some money into gear which I hope to last for a long time. Looks like I have invested my pennies wisely and can trust to be offered great products in the future too.
  2. I'm also very impressed with the D90 specs. I don't have a second body anymore and this just might be the right camera for travel....lighter body, D300 like sensor, and VIDEO. All for just a $1000.
    I don't think I can go wrong with buying one.
  3. jStat


    Dec 11, 2007
    Janesville, WI
    But MANUAL focus video?

    I dunno. I'd have to see samples of the video quality to be convinced.
  4. I suppose the best results would be obtained with a wide angle lens with focus set to hyperfocal distance. At least for PJ. Don't you think?
  5. lovemy8514

    lovemy8514 Guest

  6. sadowsk2

    sadowsk2 Guest

    I think Nikon has done an exceptional job catching up to the competition, but "surpassing" it (check out the EOS 50D for example) I think is highly debatable :rolleyes: ... I personally thought Nikon would've put a little more into the D90, particularly a higher ISO range for one... More FPS for two... I think they are more "competitive" now than when they were in the past.

    Personally, I think putting a video option in anything above an entry level DSLR wouldn't get me too excited- especially if there were ANY compromise whatsoever in image quality for photos... The new 5D thats rumored to FINALLY come out at Photokina is supposedly going to have HD video capability and I'm cringing at: a.) having to pay for that added technology in a camera, and b.) what impact it may have on the "photo" side of things...

    I guess I can see some folks giddy about video, but usually the folks who opt above entry level DSLRs are aiming to use it as a photo camera and would rather see the maximum R&D put into it for maximizing photo quality.
  7. I generally agree with you.

    That said, my initial enthusiasm over the video capabilities has been quite dampened. Videogeeks have pointed out what appears to be substantial 'rolling shutter' effects when panning. The bitrate is also pretty minimal considering the resolution. My guess is that Nikon will improve on these two specs as it rolls out video into their higher end cams.

    For a $1K cam this pup offers a lot.................. :tongue:. I'd like to see a lot more in the next rev of the D300 though.

  8. lovemy8514

    lovemy8514 Guest

    Probably why a lot of fast motion video was used in the ad. It masks some of the deficiencies in the video!
  9. I recognise the limitations of a video feature on a dSLR.....but for short video clips (30-60 seconds or less), it might be very useful. However, for longer clips, you are better off with a video cam.
  10. I too think the D90 is a winner, though I'm still debating myself between the D90 and D300. I'll be upgrading from a D50 that I got in Jan '06.

    The video feature of the D90 looks pretty impressive. I do think I would use it, but not very often. I prefer to take still images. Even with my digital PnS I rarely used the video feature. I do use it now more so because I use my D50 for stills.

    I can see myself using the video occasionally to take some short clips of the kids but thats about it for me.

    I like the 4.5 fps, though I would have liked to have seen a bigger buffer than 6 images in RAW. I'm also liking the high ISO images I've seen thus far. Best of all I like that its $700 less than the D300. Money doesn't grow on trees for me so financially my final decision could go to the D90.
  11. cotdt


    Jul 14, 2007
    Bay Area, USA
    You just have to use slow shutter times to get smooth video with 24 FPS.
  12. 1/50 th should look the most filmlike.

  13. OK, someone over on dvxuser (my video hangout) got his paws on this bad boy. His comments are pretty interesting re rolling shutter, exposure lock, and exposure time:


    Looks, like "you get what you pay for" is pretty appropriate when it comes to the video. :frown:

  14. I agree with with you! :biggrin: I just made the switch to digital from film and feel that Nikon has created a product line that "matches or surpasses the competition". The only caveat I have is that I wish they made a line of "pro glass" that was a bit more affordable~ Like the C**** "L" lenses. :rolleyes: 
  15. The buffer allows 9 RAW images at 4.5 FPS. :smile:
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