1. Your image has a number of things going for it that go far towards making it an excellent image. First is the medium, B&W which lends almost a look of intrigue to it. Next is the positioning of the main subject in the frame with her head in the golden mean. Having her in the forefront and her friend in the background and slightly out of focus lends emphasis to the main subject. With the scooter laying on its side and her friend looking askance lends one to believe that she has had an accident. She is obviously accident prone as evidence by the band aid on her right thumb and another one on her left little finger and there may be a scrape on the left side of her helmet. The positioning of her left hand adds to the feeling that she has taken a tumble on her scooter and may be looking for solace from her dad. Your title lends credence to that thought.

    It is there that things begin to fall apart a little. Her face does not show pain and there are no tears either. From a compositional standpoint you have cut off the image at her ankles which is generally not the best thing to do. I would suggest a 4x5 format crop at mid thigh as a solution for that. Also, her friend with the rear tire of her bike hanging off the side of the image draws my eye continually out of the frame. I can not think of a plausible explanation for the bean bag toss other than this is just where it was at. My supposition is that they might have been riding down that and onto the driveway but that is a stretch.

    What I like best about the image is that it makes you think and when you do that you spend additional time looking at the image.
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  2. Gordon,

    Thanks for the look and attention.
    Very good point about the crop.
    The other stuff, tears and look registering pain, were out of my control. She was'putting on a show' to get the other child in trouble.
    This was a pickup shot from a neighborhood picnic.

  3. I like the picture because it makes me think. And, it makes me feel like I'm part of the scene. It looks like you used a relatively wide focal length--creating space between the main subject and the girl in the background. She's looking right at me. Like Gordon, I begin looking around the frame for clues as to what happened. It's an interesting picture.

  4. The inclusion of both girls in the frame with the downed scooter in the background tells an interesting story that the viewer can almost figure out and be amused by.

    And of course the most important element is the "VT" on the game board.;)
  5. Glenn,

    yes, shot at 31 mm focal length.
    The picnic was in an area of dappled sunlight, her complexion is quite sallow (parents are Palestinian and Venezuelan) and her eye sockets quite dark. All that conspired to make her complexion less than I desired but.......

    Yes, the implied story is the only good reason to post this shot; it isn't an example of good technical photography.

    The owner of the sandbag board actually flies a huge VT flag to proclaim his loyalty and love for the school.

    (We happened to talk about living spaces and it turned out his former residence hall had more people than my university.)
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  6. I agree - interesting photo with great story. I might spot out the white circles by the garage in the background and adjust the B&W to bring out the man coming from the back. The second crop is stronger.
  7. Lew's pictures always make me think, and this one, as has been noted by others, is no exception. My first thought was that it was the kid in the back saying "Dad"! Look at her body language! And it is clear to me that the kid in front is putting on a show--she looks more in need of a nap than in pain!
  8. Lew - It's a thought provoking shot with good lighting and B&W processing but the crop with the bicycle tire cut off also got my attention. In addition to playing around with the crop a bit, I might have also tried lightening up the shadow around the subject's eye since, at first glance, it looked to me like she had a black eye.
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  9. All but the crop (this was the total image of the bike)

  10. Where did the bandaid go on her left hand?
    Interesting picture- makes me think. Thanks for sharing
  11. I don't think that was a band-aid as much as a defect in the mask. (how embarrassing)
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