Dance festival - part two D40, D50 .

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  1. ok , I've been sorting through about 2000 pictures and these are a few of them .
    The D50 was set at matrix metering -0,7 shutter priority 1/100th sec and fired at around F2.8 most of the time - I could have upped the iso a bit I suppose to get faster speeds and smaller apertures but it did ok .
    Don't ask about white balance !!!


    The lighting was going bright and dim all the time and it was difficult to play too much with settings so it was also on auto iso .



    I first sat too far to the right and ended up having to do a lot of cropping and straightening .


    This also caused some issues with the curtain on the other side .

  2. I had the 70-200Vr on the D40 set at -1.3ev , shutter priority 100th auto iso and it sat around f2.8 most of the time . I should have probably set the base iso at 400 since there were a few shots down around iso 240 and I could have used a bit more speed - this was one of my favourites .


    Note to myself " don't leave leave thumb tacks on the dance floor "


    There was a lot of colour !!!





    And no shortage of decent looking subjects ....



    My biggest enemy was motion blur with the 70-200 setup . I should probably have used aperture priority , auto iso set at 1/125th and base iso set at 400 or more so that I could tell when there was enough light to drop the aperture back for more depth .
    [any suggestions in this regard ?]
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  3. Some more varied lighting .

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