dandylion, oooh exciting

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  1. I know, not the most exotic and rare of flowers but it's what turned out okay from shooting in the backyard yesterday.

    I call this one "sunrise" lol.
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  2. Nice Bright Color.

    I like the brightness of the yellow color, by the way I'm new at this site. Could you please show me how to post (upload) photo to share with everyone. Thanks
  3. Interesting perspective on a flower that I have all over my backyard hiding my grass :tongue:

    Read this:


    you need to have a host that supports linking from other sites. Picasa doesn't. I use photobucket but it is limited when using free account. I believe it's 1GB storage and 25GB transfer/month.
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  4. beautiful work on this!
  5. Beautiful!

    I like the color contrast yellow dark/blue.

    Best sunrise I've seen recently :Crunk:
  6. I use flickr,

    Thx for the nice comments.
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