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Critique D'Angelico Electric Guitar

Discussion in 'Miscellany' started by Mike Buckley, Apr 18, 2019.

  1. This guitar is a D'Angelico Excel Series EX-SS Semi-Hollowbody electric guitar with black hardware.

    This is the first time in awhile that I've photographed a guitar from my friend's collection. I always provide several images for him that include an image of the entire guitar and some close-up images that display the details.

    Setup Photo 1
    The background and tabletop are a single sheet of black velvet. A medium continuous-light lamp on the front left and far away from the subject lit the entire subject to ensure that the strings would be bright from top to bottom. A small continuous-light lamp above the subject on the left brightened the headstock, especially the tuning knobs. A large white reflector on the bottom right added the reflection to the body. A white reflector above and to the right of the headstock brightened the shiny piece of metal at the bottom of the headstock.

    Setup Photo 2
    The background is black velvet. Two medium continuous-light lamps were on the left and right sides.

    Setup Photo 3
    The tabletop is black velvet. A medium continuous-light lamp above the scene in the lower right area was pointing upward toward a white reflector on the opposite side of the guitar positioned at a 45-degree angle to the tabletop.

    Setup Photo 4
    The background is dark brown presentation paper. A medium continuous-light lamp is far to the right and somewhat below the subject. A white reflector above the subject brightened the top two strings to separate them from the fingerboard.

    Setup Photo 5
    A small continuous-light lamp level with the subject was in the lower right area.

    Setup Photo 6
    The background is black foam core tilted at a 45-degree angle to prevent shine and to eliminate an unwanted reflection in the top of the guitar of something elsewhere in the room. A medium continuous-light lamp was to the right .

    Photo 1
    Mike 2019-04-17--003-L.jpg
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    Photo 2

    Mike 2019-04-17--005-S.jpg
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    Photo 3
    Mike 2019-04-17--008-S.jpg
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    Photo 4
    Mike 2019-04-18--001-S.jpg
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    Photo 5
    Mike 2019-04-17--006-S.jpg
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    Photo 6
    Mike 2019-04-18--003-S.jpg
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  2. Nice set Mike!My favs are #3 and #6. I just wonder if #1 would look better if the guitar was placed diagonally..
  3. Thanks, Binnur!

    Your favorites are also mine. In fact, #6 is one of my favorites of all of the photos of guitars that I've made.

    That would be an excellent choice and it would certainly be better in the sense that it would allow for a larger magnification and, thus, greater ease at seeing more detail. However, this is the sixth of my friend's guitars and I've already made two shots that display the entire guitar as a diagonal. I've also made other shots as diagonals. So, I take the number of diagonals in the portfolio of his guitar photos into account when making that decision about any individual guitar.
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