Danish Airshow static display

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    May 3, 2006
    The airshow was held on a Sunday, but the day before they had a "spotterday" where we had the chance to get behind the scenes and shoot the display aircrafts up close. "Unfortunately" the temp. was around 30 Celcius, and that meant that a lot of the planes had their canopies covered up, but I hope you enjoy the picture anyway.

    1'st up is one of the Turkish Stars F-5 Tigers.

    Another F-5 Tiger, but this time from Patrouille Swiss.

    Time for a Swedish JAS Gripen

    This Dutch F-16 made an increddible show.

    This Belgian F-16 was neither flying or on public display, so we were lucky to see the beautiful paintjob on the tail.

    Time for a chat for these two Patrouille France service crew in front of one of the teams Alpha Jets.

    And finally, a mock up of the Eurofighter aka.Typhoon cockpit.
  2. very nice! I especially like the Belgian F-16...
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