Daughters Junior Prom...

Jan 8, 2009
San Jose, CA
Nice images here, #1 and #3 are definitely reminiscent of film, and I love that.

The other snap shots are also great, but I feel like you should stick with direct flash if you're going to go with a film look. If you want a more modern look, bouncing the light up off the ceiling is the way to go.

#2 and #7 do look a little hot/blown out on my monitor. Plus, in #2, you'll want to watch out for firing a flash straight at glass or a window, as the reflection is nasty.

The corsage shot could have been a tad bit better with her hand placed on her hip, or her other hand. Her "dangling sausages" (loose fingers) look a little awkward.

#3 is great, man. I really like. A lot!
Jan 16, 2008
Newton, MA
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Thanks Mike...
I appreciate the comments :)
I know what you mean, but we were at her friends house and they were all too excited to stand still or be worried about "were" to shoot ;)
I would have liked to do things differently, but unfortunately I couldn't :(

Senior Prom will DEFINATELY be "my" day ... LOL!!!
Setting up the lights and EVERYTHING ... hahahahaaaa

I'm SURE she'll be thrilled :D
Aug 12, 2005
Famington Hills, MI
First thing I wanted to say is...I'm sorry man. You have a beautiful daughter. I have a daughter too and I keep repeating Teddy Roosevelt's theory. Speak softly and carry a big stick...

Second is I think they look way to processed to 1970's snapshots. Are they jpegs SOOC or are they processed?

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