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Daybreak on the lake

Discussion in 'Landscapes, Architecture, and Cityscapes' started by Terri French, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. I recently returned from my yearly trek to Redfish Lake. Every morning I love to get up and walk somewhere to watch the sun come up. It's an amazing area. This particular morning I only saw one other person while I was on the beach at the lake.

    The golden light and hazy skies made for a lot of red in the forests.

    I tried this photo with both regular post processing and using pseduo HDR processing in Photomatix.

    Which do you like best, or are both overdone?

    The HDR version--I liked the detail in the foreground water in this one. The HDR one does not have the horizon straightened because I didn't want to have to crop the foreground water.

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    The regular post processed one.

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  2. Terri,

    I really enjoy HDR images, so I'm probably naturallu biased towards the first image. Like you, I really like the foreground water detail in the HDR version. However, the log looks a bit noisy to me.

    If you can somehow tone down the noise/graininess in the log, you'll have a real winner.
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  3. terri,
    you are teaching us lessons every single day with the HDR
    the foreground water detail is a fascinating aspect of this image and i'm so glad you posted both for us

    a beautiful scene... beautifully captured
    thanks for sharing with us
  4. Bright Angel

    Bright Angel Guest

    Beautiful shots Ma'am :smile:

    I've noticed with HDR shots (now that I have a better monitor) they never look as sharp as non HDR shots.

    You mentioned that you didn't straighten the image because you didn't what to crop it.
    Have you tried "Warping" ? :biggrin:

    In Photoshop, after you've straightened the image.
    Press CTRL & A to select the entire image.
    Then press CTRL & T to free transform the image.
    Right Click on the image and select Warp.
    Then click and drag the little handles to correct you photo.
    Once you've got it how you like, press Return/Enter.
    And finally press CTRL & D to deselect.

  5. Thanks, Greg. HDR is a lot of fun.....and frustrating at the same time!!! But, it's another tool that I like to use.
  6. Bert,
    Maybe I should paint the log in the non HDR one over the log in the HDR. I might give it a try when I have some time. Thanks for your observations.
  7. Thanks so much. I've never used the warp function before. It's great!!

    Here is my straightened, warped, sharpened more, version. Later, I'm going to work on the log like Bert suggested.

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  8. Terri, I've come to look forward to your Redfish Lake jaunts:cool: . For me, the "regular" version shows lighting on the far shore that seems more consistent with the time of day. The area in front of the log also seems overdone in the HDR version. For that part of the scene, something inbetween the two is more like what I'd expect to see. But then, my only visits to Redfish Lake are through your photos:wink:. [hope you'll show us more]
  9. Hi Terri...I really enjoy your posts!

    I really do love Redfish....one of my favorite places. I think they ruined the Lodge though. It's a little too high brow for me. They're telling me about the Elk Medallions, when all I want is a Sawtooth Taco, and it's not on the menu anymore!

    If you are ever in Twin, give me a call.
  10. Hi Terri,
    What a nice serene scene. I love mountain lakes in the morning light. Well captured. I really like the HDR here. The pebbly lake bottom in front of the log seems to enhance the serene feeling. Nice image.
  11. I'm glad that you got to go up there with the family again this year.

    Beautiful capture. I'm going to buck the trend and put in a vote for the regular version. Both are very nice.
  12. Beautiful capture, Terry.

    I do like the HDR version better. The still water in the foreground really does it for me. Nice point of interest to draw one into the scene.
  13. Hi Bob,
    Well, plan a visit to the lake the end of July/first of August next year and I'll show you around.....

    Thanks for your observations. I will have to give the photo a bit more work.
  14. Hi Kim. I'd love to see some of your Redfish photos. Hey we never go in the lodge. We camp in Glacier View. I even stayed in a tent this year.....

    No high brow visits to the lake for me. We eat dutch oven cooking or grilled food all week......yum!!

    My daughter has lived in Twin since April so I've been there a couple of times.
  15. Thanks, Brian. I don't think my kids will let me miss a year. My nephew won't be going again for the next two years and he cried when we left yesterday. It's our version of Teton Park for your family.
  16. Thanks, Joe. It's a hard lake to find something interesting in the foreground. It's either dense forest or plain sand. I liked this log.
  17. Thanks, Jack. It is a glorious lake.....but very cold. The mornings are the best time there. It always gets windy in the afternoon and evening.


    Apr 30, 2005
    Wonderful as always :) 
  19. Hi, Robert. Thanks so much. It's a heavenly place.
  20. Terri, These are great, I have just had a stab at HDR for the first time, I was going for the maxed out HDR look, I did not realize that you could make it look so natural, if you had not said it was HDR I would never have known.
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