Daylight baseball at Fenway

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  1. Yesterday afternoon I went to Fenway and scalped a ticket. Because it was a makeup game from mid August I was able to sit in the 8th row behind the visiting dugout for the whole game (usually when I try this I get kicked out around the 2nd inning).

    It's definitely a bit easier to freeze the action during a day game - my shutter speeds were around 1/1600 to 1/2400 (1/800th at night). Used my D200 and 120-300 + 1.4TC for all shots except the wide angle. I feel as though my 120-300 may be slightly backfocusing as some of the shots aren't quite as sharp as I can get when focusing manually on a stationary object. Maybe this winter I'll send it to Sigma to see if it can be calibrated.

    I have tickets for one more game this year (9/26 against the Yankees), but I may go to a few more if I can.

    Conditions were a little tricky as the sun kept coming out and then going behind clouds. I shot in 'M' mode and had to be adjusting shutter speed a bit during the game.

    Here are a few from the game:

    Opposing pitcher, who pitched very well, AJ Burnett:

    Here's where I sat. I used my monopod and timer to get a little height to the shot:

    Jacoby Ellsbury following through on a hit to left field:

    David Ortiz, who needs to have a good September:

    Coco Crisp bunting:

    Dustin Pedroia taking a practice swing:

    Pedroia watching a ball hit to right field:
  2. nicely done Nate, glad the Sox took the nightcap...
  3. Great to see!!! And wow, tix to Sox/Yanks.....color me jealous! :biggrin:
  4. The tickets to the Yankees game are through my father-in-law. He has a 10 game package, but he's unable to go to most games because of work (he is on a plane 5 days a week!). Too bad that my wife and I get to go to most of the games!