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Day's End in the Country...(pic)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Doug Barber, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. Greetings all:

    I have been preparing to take a series of images that brings us back to the early days of our country. The plan is to create a group of images that will take the viewer back to a time when we had no computers or electric lights and the people who lived in the rural areas of our world worked hard and put in long days.
    As part of my (getting my act together) I have been doing shots that will allow me to improve different shooting issues and figure out how is the best way to handle strange light with blended images.

    It's the plan to have many of the images to be shot in real settings with real people who have agreed to assist in taking me and my camera back many years when things were simple but real hard...

    I'm planning to begin the (night shot's) as soon as we have our next full moon as the night shots will be outdoors and will take me into the complex realm of trying to mix flash photography with light painting and multiple exposures to create a single image. This will allow me to generate images that will (with luck) have light that could not be produced any other way.
    As I said earlier, I’ve been doing a ton of images while I'm still in the (practice) mod and I thought I would post one to see what you folks thought.

    This image is a compellation of four frames that I took and then blended them together to create the image. Doing this type of thing is not your normal paste and copy thing. All the components of each image needs to be present in each frame but I concentrate my efforts in different parts of the image with different frames.

    (I bet I’ve got everyone lost by now…lol)

    So in the hopes of making this a little clearer... Everything you see in this image was present in each frame.

    Frame #1 had me simply work on lighting the window areas. This was done with (3) SB800 flashgun one on a stand out side the building. A second one in my hand to light the side wall of the window and a third one as a (master) on the camera but turned down so it did not add light to the frame.

    Frame #2 I worked on lighting Stacy in this frame I let the lantern do it's thing. And added a little light on the ground with a SB800 stuck in the snow.

    Frame #3 saw me "Light Paint" Stacy with a flashlight to get the feel I was wanting.
    Frame #4 had me adding light into the background and outer reaches of the frame to complete the scene.

    At the end of all this I (melt) all the components together and create what you see. The exposures for this type of image change from a short frame of 2 seconds... to a long exposure of over a minute.

    Because my lighting efforts caused me to be both inside and outside the building it made life a little more interesting. But it seems you can do anything you want as long as you NEED TO...lol

    Any and all input is more than welcome.

    Sorry for writing a book... But I just thought some here would like to know what went into the making of the image. I know the image needs work but from the attempt I have learned what NOT to do next time.

    Hope you enjoy.

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  2. Doug,

    This picture does not need to be fine tuned. It is excellent the way it is. Looking at it tells me you put a lot of work into this picture. I can't wait to see more of them. Please let us know when they are all posted on your site.

  3. Another addition to your gorgeous shots, Doug.
    Going through your PBase galeries is an absolute treat for the eyes.

    BTW, where up North are you??
  5. This is absolutely wonderful! Might be taken out of a Xmas fairy-tale.

  6. Hi Doug,

    one of the best pictures i have seen lately.
    great work !!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. As always great stuff you post and document here thanks for sharing it opens my eyes to the possibility of things that can be done
  8. tweber


    Feb 12, 2005
    St. Louis

    It reminds me of a norman rockwell painting. You've really created an atmosphere with this shot.

    Now, most of us put the SB-800's on stands, line em up and shoot. You make it an art form.

  9. Thanks Mellisa... I'm looking forward to doing this series I just need to get some final issues worked out and then I (should) be ready.

    Hi Frits...
    I sort of split my time between Hay River NWT and Yorkton SK. But next week I'll actually be down in your country at Farham PQ. Thanks for the kind words.

    Hi Diane:
    Yes I'm hoping it will work out okay... but it better not take the complete winter to do it....lol

    Hi Harry:
    I guess it does have a Xmas type feel to it... That was not planned but I will take it.
    Thanks again

    Hi Alex:
    Thanks for the kind words....

    Hi Mike:
    With luck it will give a a few ideas... with your skill you will handle this type of shot no problem... good luck.

    Thanks Tom:
    I guess I'm always on the push to try and do different things... some times it works out and sometimes NOT... If I could just figure out how to do some of the things that are in my mind.... That's a subject for another day.
  10. Doug, as always a brilliant picture...I may have lost you technically, but in the end, only the image matters and yours is stunning!
    Peter B
  11. Doug this is a very beautiful image, very nice and peaceful.... I have however noticed something and was going to PM you about it, but thought I'd share it with others so they could see this in their own images:
    The only apparent light source in the whole image is the lantern... but the light-ray falling on the upper right of the window frame appears to be light coming from the upper-middle of the window, not the lower-left where the lantern is located. If this is moonlight, then I'm mistaken, except the moon isn't visible in the picture and this is why my eye has picked this up. I'm not nitpicking, just trying to help out.
    Oh, by the way, how long did it take to thaw Stacey out!!!??? LOL
  12. Hi Peter...
    Sorry for the sad articulation of what I did to create this. It is kind of a hard thing to explain....
    How did your shoot go that you had recieved and then there looked like there was going to be a big fuss about it... hope it went well.
    Thanks again for the kind words.
  13. Hi Sandi:
    Yes I'm aware of the light on the right side of the window jamb. Somehow in my mind I had decided to simulate light from the moon into the inside of the jamb even if the moon was not in the frame. It allowed me to create more of a 3D effect in the over-all presentation. It also gave a more realistic feel to the image. As the light is falling on the jamb just like you would see if you were laying in a bed and looking into the night sky coming through a window across the room.

    I know it seems strange but this image was sketched out on paper before I pulled out the camera. The sketch laid out the complete scene with light directions, intensities, shooting angles and prop placements right down to the crumbs on the sill. That is the only way I can keep all the different components straight in my head.... I know I have a big head but a small brain...lol

    Were I did screw up was I over lit the branches right behind Stacy’s head. I did not notice it till the image was complete and it was to late. I thought about doing the whole thing over but just caulked it up to bad planning and will do better next time.

    Thanks again for the thoughts and the GREAT comments.
  14. a masterpiece of photographic imagination.
  15. OK, then since it's supposed to be moonlight on the window frame, it's perfect!!! *LOL* That was my main concern.. I didn't think you'd put a lantern reflection in the wrong direction, esp now that you've explained how you lay the whole thing out first of all! Excellent job!
  16. Thanks Dave for your kind words.
  17. Hi Sandi...
    I could so do that... so keep your eyes peeled.....lol
  18. Doug,

    I do not see anything that can be done to improve the image. It is beautiful and
    brings back great memories to me. I find myself going back to it and seeing new things I like about it. I like the mood, the feeling, it is just a great capture.
  19. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    OK Doug,
    I have studied this image at least ten times looking at the light. Have read all you have posted on the shot and creation.

    Although I may not be able to see the moon , which I think you were trying to convey the light from the moon with your lighting, and as little as I see Light, I think you have nailed it.

    I think I may understand.

    I tried to imagine in my mind how the light from the moon would affect different parts of the image.

    I think I see it. I think it is right.

    Yeah ??? no ??

    Help me here.

    god I feel so stupid :<(((
  20. It's of a mythical inspiration, an inspired work of art. I certainly appreciate the detailed procedure you have explained. It shows how much you have invested into this, and the result is up to your dedication.
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