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Dead horses and whatnot (80-400 sigma/nikkor ??)

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Matt S, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. I have read all the old thread regarding both lenses but was wondering if anyone had actually bought the sigma in the mean time and had some thoughts on it. I am also considering getting in line for the 18-200 VRII and getting a teleconverter but I think I really want the range of the 400. So pretend I am not even considering the 18-200 but have my heart set on the big boys do you all have any advice.
    EDIT: I am young and dumb so I am not too concerned with the sigmas heaver weight.

    This is the part where I blame my wife for allowing me to contract LLD. I casually mentioned that it was about time I get some real glass. And instead of freaking out she just wanted to know if it would enable me to take my photography further. WOW!! I don't have any $$ but that shouldn't stop one from dreaming right?
  2. Go with the Sigma, IMO the Nikon glass is soooooo slooooow and noisy (due to screw drive focus) that it's a turnoff for me. Go with the Nikkor if you're only going to shoot things that don't move...

    I had the chance to try one on Monday and didn't like it at all, mostly due to the focus speed...
  3. Derrel

    Derrel Guest

    Sigma's optics look good

    I've shot the 80-400VR for the past three years,off and on. The D2x's focusing module and motor can drive the old warhorse pretty well but the D70or S2 are much more doggy. I did this sports action shot at moderate distance with the 80-400VR and D2x,and this is a link to a 200 ppi shot sized down for newsprint reproduction. [ http://www.pbase.com/derrel/image/49704695 ] I've seen a number of Sigma 80-400 OS shots,and optically, I think the Sigma might be a tad bit better than the 80-400 is,at least at fine detail retrieval. For scenics and sports/nature where the ultimate in fine detail is not needed, but a wide-ranging lens with a LOT of focal length reach with stabilizer is concerned,I think either the VR or OS models would be handy. The focus speed on the 80-400VR is not really fantastic, but the D2-series cameras can focus it speedily. I think for on-the-go,packing around use, the stabilized 80-400 lenses are very good values,either brand of them.I would not skip the Sigma thinking that the Nikkor will be sharper or better...I think the Sigma looks quite capable, based on what I have seen.
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