Dead tree hill .

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  1. That's what I call it anyway . It's my 'back yard' , I rent a house that's on the edge of a farm and have wanted to climb this hill for a while and since I've had the flu for a week and things are clearing up a bit [ in my head that is ] I decided to do a walk up the hill since I am going nuts cooped up indoors all day !
    The clouds were closing in a bit when i started up the road .


    and it took about half an hour to get to this stage , I never took many pictures on the way up because it started to rain , then it started to hail and I had to hide the D40 under my jacket .


    And 40 minutes in total I end up by the dead tree that marks the end of his property ...


    The harbour is in the background .


    There were a few of these growing up there .


    I think a buffallo ran past this tree and left its horns behind .


    Anyway , it was a good walk and helped to get some air into my lungs again .
  2. Beautiful. One of the many places I'd like to visit one day.
  3. I've only ever known South Africa and new Zealand , over here the scenery is much closer together and much greener .

  4. Hi Desmond,

    I like the landscapes like to have such a backyard.

    regards arthur
  5. We're a bit spoiled in this country , many people who have lived here all their lives don't appreciate what they really have .