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Death of my D300?

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by Superbaldguy, May 18, 2019.

  1. I was shooting with one of my D300’s this morning, all was going well until I noticed shadows in my images when I was reviewing them on the LCD. I took off the lens and noticed one of the shutter curtain blades was stuck at the base of the mirror box. I have seen this with film cameras back in the day as I know a blade can get off its track. It was an easy fix - take a precision screwdriver and gently nestle the blade back in place. Of course, you could remove the back of film SLR. This D300 has less than 40K shutter firings and should not have happened - my other D300 has close to 90K and still chugs along. Is this even fixable and economical to do so? It’s a shame that I have to give up on this body....I bought it with less than 9K firings and I should have got more life from it.
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  2. I have a friend who still uses a couple 300s bodies, she loves them. I’d give APS a ring
    847-966-4091 and see if they can help.
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  3. Find a lightly used D7200 and don't look back. It is so far superior to the D300 that you'll soon forget it. Same frame rate, twice the pixel count, better ISO performance, better DR, and no AA filter. Granted it doesn't feel as nice in the hand :( 
  4. I would not spend the money to repair it. A D7200 does make sense.
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  5. Believe me, I have thought about an upgrade. I still want to find out if it's feasible to get this thing fixed. Thanks for your input. I do enjoy the feel of the D300 and I do have the MB-D10 and remote for it.
  6. I have an old D300 from way back. Still works very well even though the screen is cracked and the rubber is starting to peel on the side.
    I would not pay to repair it. I bought a new D500 a month ago and oh the difference years of technology make. The D300 (still have a good D700 for architecture and landscapes), is now my second wildlife camera.

    Don't repair, replace. Even D7200 will do.
  7. Don't repair it. A new shutter will likely run $300. I'll sell you my D300 cheap. It's just sitting on my shelf.
  8. I’m hot on the trail to get a D300s with about 8000 clicks on the shutter...I know, not really an upgrade. I prefer the older bodies since I need my NX2...Maybe I live in the past too much.
  9. What's that old saying, the man is happiest who's wants are fewest? Something to that effect at any rate.

    The D300 is still my standard of comparison for camera bodies. When I got one I really felt like I had arrived at photographic Nirvana. Nowadays when I find myself whining about fps, ISO performance, etc, I try to recall how happy I was with the 300.

    By the way, is it super baldguy or superbald guy?
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  10. Plenty of D300 bodies available on the used market. Buying one of them would be less expensive than a new shutter.
  11. I've shot both...a lot...and agree with Dan completely.
  12. D 7200 bodies are cheap as chips, and an amazing value. $$ wise I am still limited to my D300, for fast focus, and things that fly.
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