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  1. dbirdsong

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    I visited the Michigan White Tail Deer Museum for about 20 minutes today and took a few shots...
    Here are a few from today.



  2. They are charming creatures...sometimes.
    They eat the dog food out of my garage daily.
    Last week one ate a bag of ant poison...seemingly unaffected.

    When scarce...they are beautiful.
    When plentiful they make good jerky...very lean.
    When overpopulated they are hideously destructive hoofed rats. I once read that North American whitetails eat enough crops each year to feed every Pakistani citizen...don't know if that is accurate or exaggerated.

    We have plenty of them. Texas, I believe, has 4-500% more deer that prior to European colonization of our lands!

    A buck, in rut, stomped our neighbor's miniature poodle to death.(something that earned my respect...I always had been tempted to do the same).
    I once had to extricate a furious ten pointer from his entanglement in my kid's soccer goal netting. He was frightening. Sort of like dealing with a vicious 125 pound doberman with no teeth, but with flailing antlers. Yikes!

    Generally I love 'em.
    They are incredibly hypervigilant. Adaptable. They do better with humans that they ever did without. Totally wild and undomesticatable. All are gifted with keen survival instinct and absolutely no intelligence whatsoever.

    Here is my backyard in north San Antonio
    [ 30928584.


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  3. bfjr

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    I have to travel some to see them so they are always a joy to see and shot
    But yes can't complain about a good plate of Venison ........Mmmmmm good :smile:

    some fine shots, hope you don't mind heres one I got a while back
    Bambi getting scolded :wink:

  4. dbirdsong

    dbirdsong Guest

    We have a park near where I live that has be over ran by White Tails..
    So while a wonderful looking species in the wild, the ones out at Kensington tend to be very slim from being under feed.
    I enjoy photographing deer, but never really been a fan of venison so I don't hunt them (nor any other wild game for that matter).
    Thanks for looking at my shots guys..
  5. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Excellent shots Dave. Very sharp and detailed. :wink:
  6. Thanks for sharing these nice shots Dave.
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