Defective D300 AWB?

Jul 20, 2007
I've had my D300 since february, and I have to admit that upgrading from the D50 has been more of a challenge than I initially thought.

With that in mind, and hoping for some logical explanation, my feeling is that my D300 may have a problem with AWB. It seems to determine cooler WB settings than custom white balance or my D50 shot with the same lens and exposure.
I walked around the city on saturday morning taking snapshots with both my D300 and D50. Again the D50 measured WB in most (but not consistently!)cases around K 500 higher than the D300. In fact my D300 never went beyond K4900 no matter if in the shade or direct sunlight.

The WB readings I'm mentioning are the approximations that Adobe ACR is giving me, since Capture NX doesn't seem to show the recorded value.

I really want to avoid sending in my camera to Nikon Spain...:)mad:)

Is there someway I can test the AWB???

I know I can dial in A1-A6 WB compensation, but since the problem is not consistent it won't help much.

Another interesting thing compared to my D50 is that red floors or walls seem to fool the D300 to choose a very cool WB. The D50 maybe due to it's simpler approach shuffles around the 5000K mark in daylight, and never looks way off...


I have had good results with the auto wb. I think we get used to the way one body performs that when using a new body things see off. It could be off or you may be getting a more accurate reading then your D50. You have some pics you could share?

It took me a while to get things sorted out with my D300. Seems to treat color and wb a little different then my last body. I found I just needed to make adjustments to my shooting since the body was not doing anything wrong. I alway look at the auto settings as getting you close... just not dead on.
May 22, 2008
I just purchased the D300 at the beginning of June having moved over from Olympus. Previously, I used either Lightroom or ACR in CS3 to open the NEF files. Almost by chance, I discovered that opening the files initially in NX provided a totally different result, especially in the white balance. Apparently, based on responses from the forum members ACR does not process the in camera settings, including Picture Control and sharpening. I'm not certain about the processing of the white balance, but yesterday, I downloaded NX2 and have noticed improvements in the files that I opened. I don't know if this will help you, who is already familiar with the Nikon world, but it is something to think about. I have not been able to find a numerical presentation of the white balance but, I'm still looking


I like to go in the right side menu in capture nx under"raw"and check the exposure compensation while checking in "view" under lost shadow or lost hi lites something like that. then ill check threw several white balence tempertures.all this done in raw with little id any my opinion is the d300 gives a very flat true image from the camera in raw.i like it that way.
Nov 14, 2007
Laurel, MD USA
My son had problems with his AWB on his D300 and had to send it to Nikon for repair - twice. The WB was all over the place. Taking pictures within minutes of each other, same light settings, and the WB would vary by 1,000.

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