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  1. This story is unbelievable! It's about a photographer that had one of his images blatantly scammed by what seems to be a loan shark who loans money against real estate assets. It's about this photographer and his extreme perseverance in the courts... from small claims all the way to federal.

    The most interesting part is the order of events which is down the page a little. I have to say I really admire this photographer in protecting his rights. However it does indeed show how difficult it is to do so!
  2. Whew, what a read. A person could spend half their life pursuing a claim like this. I hope he gets vindication for all of his efforts.
  3. Well in total for the two photographs that are infringing he is suing for $400,000... so he has strong incentive to continue. He should also put liens on this guy's properties to ensure he can collect. Of course if the guy he is suing hadn't been such a total ***, he would have collected next to nothing -- just his regular rate, which probably could have been negotiated.
  4. Bingo. A friend had some photos used after the licensing agreement expired (the business changed hands and new ownership didn't pay attention to the expiration date). They apologized and offered him a free weekend at their establishment to make it up to him and everyone remained in good spirits about it - I wish everyone could be so reasonable.
  5. I cannot believe that the guy continues to use the photos and file claim after claim when he is clearly in the wrong. The judge is gonna slap him silly when the time comes. But watch how fast he and his assets disappear and the photog will be left with nothing but huge legal fees when all this is done.
  6. I suspect this may end up being the case -- would that ever suck! I certainly hope this doesn't happen or it will have a chilling effect on these kinds of lawsuits.
  7. Wow! This is more exciting than any novel I had read in recent years.
  8. That guy certainly has tenacity! Those comments at the bottom make a very interesting read when you keep your mind open.

    I hope he wins his case.
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    Wow, what a read that was.
  10. That is one heck of a story! I really hope he wins this thing!
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