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Dell Inspiron 530 or build my own?

Discussion in 'PC/Windows/Linux' started by john1970, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. john1970


    Feb 10, 2008
    Boston MA
    Dear Nikon Cafe users,

    I currently have the following system:

    Dell Inspiron 530: COST = $900
    1) Intel Q9300
    2) 6 GB DDR2 Memory
    3) Seagate 750 MB Harddrive
    4) Windows Home Premium 64-bit

    I added a Cosair 520 W Power Supply and an ATI Radeon HD4850 graphics card.

    I can still return the Dell to the local retailer and if I do I am considering building the following system at a local Micro Center:

    Micro Center Build COST = $1200
    1) Intel Q9450 processor $280
    2) Intel DP35DP MOBO $120
    3) Cosair 8GB Memory $210
    4) Seagate 750 GB HD $130
    5) Internal Plextor DVD $80
    6) Antec Nine Hundred Case $90
    7) Vista Ultimate 64-bit System Builder $200
    8) Build Cost = $100

    I you had an option would you keep the Dell or go with the custom built PC?

    Please advise.

    Thank you,

  2. What are the specs for the rest of the Dell system? If that is the total cost andf it works for you then just keep it...
  3. John, I had MicroCenter build a 9450 system for me.
    I had one of their PowerSpec systems, which had been upgraded, and was able to use parts from that.
    I really liked the customization aspect.
    They also added a Kingwin KF-3000 3.5" internal Hot Swap Rack to my Cooler Master case case, which I find very handy.

    I've been very satisfied with their sales and service at the Santa Clara, CA store.
    Red Calub, the store manager, used to work in QA for Powerspec.
    He's a very knowledgeable and helpful guy.
    Local service was a very important part of my decision.

    aka beaucamera
  4. john1970


    Feb 10, 2008
    Boston MA
    The Dell system is working quite nicely for me and hence I am reluctant to shell out an additional $400 just to get a slightly better processor, a larger case, and slightly additional memory.

    I think I'll be keeping the Dell. For $900 vs. $1300 (if I include Vista Ultimate Retail) I can't justify spending almost 50% additional when I think I am only getting 10% increase in performance.


  5. John,

    Question: Do you really need Windows Vista Ultimate?

    Also, if you build the computer yourself it should save you far more money. If you look up tutorials it is actually very easy! :biggrin:

    Also if the Dell computer is all you need, it might not be worth it to return it and buy the MicroCenter build PC.
  6. I do not understand why you want a new computer???? Just upgrade what parts you want to upgrade, but then I see nothing to upgrade. Actually I have been updating my 2004 XPS dell for the past 4 years and it still runs pretty well, but I am now picking out my new XPS 630 system with the Q6600 processor which I will fit together with my other computer by way of a KVM switch. I am sticking with XP pro for the moment.

  7. Micky


    Feb 29, 2008
    Just upgrade the Dell...

    You can swap out parts just as easily in a Dell as anything else... Sometimes case parts are a little tough, but just look up the specs, see what fits and go from there.

    I am looking at upgrading my Latitude D630 laptop with an additional $1200 of parts (8Gb memory and faster processor) just to see how much faster it goes.
    I have already replaced the hard drive with 7200 RPM Seagate, the wi-fi card with an Intel 4965 AGN, as well as swapped out the WXGA display with a WXGA+. This Dell is gonna be a MONSTER!

    I always look at the headache it is xferring all my software to a new machine. Why do that when I can upgrade what I already have?
  8. Nchesher


    Jul 7, 2006
    I built my own based on a Q9450 but with more HD and probably different MOBO and GFX card but it screams. I'm only at stock frequency and and PS is blazingly fast. Great processor.
  9. arela


    Jan 15, 2008
    My experience is my homemade PC's are becoming more expensive;
    the more i look at parts - the "better" parts i buy :) 

    I would keep the Dell, add a HD, and wait for next upgrade in a couple of years.
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