Diana - Revisited

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  1. Here are three more images of Diana that I had not previously posted. All images were taken with my D100 and 17-55mm or 70-200mm lenses. Lighting was overcast and a reflector or fill flash was used.



  2. Hey Gordon -

    Nice shots of your beautiful daughter! She seems relatively comfortable in front of a camera, and you've certainly captured some flattering shots of her.

    Could just be my monitor, but they seem a little on the "warm" side -- you know the area and her skin color much better than the rest of us, though. And while I'm being picky :) , I think the second shot would look really neat cropped a bit tighter, as some of the foreground segments are a bit distracting.

    Just curious -- where was the reflector placed? I'm trying to learn all I can...

  3. Her skin is naturally dark as she has some Italian and Indian blood from her mother's side, the area is all red or brown toned rocks and it was overcast which gave these shots their warm even tones. I placed a large reflector to the right of the camera to catch and reflect what light I could. Thanks for your comments and I will try image #2 with a tighter crop to see what I think.
  4. What a beautiful woman your daughter is, great set of shots, she is so photogentic
  5. Very good work, Gordon, made easier by having such a photogenic model! I particularly like
    the third shot. Based on the pose, lighting, and model, I'd have thought it was a professional job.

  6. Thanks Mike and Frank. Diana is fairly easy to take pictures of and I always enjoy her visits. Frank that was a really nice compliment.
  7. Hey Gordon

    I really like the pictures of Diana (daughter?) The one with her behind the bush is my favorite.

    Thanks for sharing,

  8. Re: Hey Gordon

    Thanks Melissa, I was beginning to wonder if I were the only one that liked that image. My idea here was to carry out the Native American theme however poorly contrived it might have been. Oh and yes, this is my daughter (one of seven).
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