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Did I hit the mark?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Matt S, May 31, 2007.

  1. A while back I sold a print to a gentlemen that then commissioned me to produce another image in the same style but with a slightly different subject. The images in question are of a single hand on a musical instrument. The first is the one he has purchased (for his grandson, a trumpet player) and the second the one I am working on (for his granddaughter, a piano player).

    Let me know if I am getting close. Sorry about the watermark I just yanked it off my website real quick.


  2. Nice work, Matt. I really like the DOF in these shots, but maybe they should have just a touch more DOF. It seems that they're just the slightest bit OOF. But don't listen to me, I'm as blind as a bat. Just ask anyone who made the trip to Huntsville about my Coke-bottle glasses.

    BTW...DOF or no...the 2nd shot is awesome!!!
  3. Thanks Mark, you are correct about the DOF it is very shallow on both images. Somewhat by design, somewhat by the limits of the lighting and look I was trying to achieve. In the first the top of the first finger and the front of the finger pressing the valve are in sharp focus letting everything fall where it may after that. In the piano shot I tried several points of focus and opted for the one you see. In this one the pointer finger and top of hand (like the first shot) are in focus and the thumb is just out. The rest of the hand of course falls away towards blur. I tried it with the thumb in focus but did not like the effect as the main part of the hand was out of focus.

    As to increasing the depth of feild, well I tried it and with the additional light needed I lost the effect I was going for. I could boost ISO but am printing these rather large and prefer to keep the ISO as low as possible.

    Some details for those who are curious:

    The first shot is backlit by a window and has fill flash bounced into the hand. The second one I used a 500W hot light through an umbrella to backlight the hand and my flash bounced again for fill.

    I was going for low light and moody for both images, this neccecitated F2.8 on my 70-200. I tried it with other lenses but the compression of the telephoto really makes the composition better (in my opionion).

    Thanks again, --Matt
  4. Matt..you did a helluva job! You know you caught a good one when you can see the hair on the back of a finger on the keyboard. I'm definitely impressed.
  5. :smile: Thanks
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