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Did I really win a fabulous prize?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mike Buckley, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. I can't believe I'm going downtown tomorrow night to supposedly collect my prize, but these folks are gonna be really sorry if they deceived me as I think probably has happened.

    I have supposedly won one of the following four prizes:

    1) Navigator SUV or $50,000 (my choice)
    2) $2500 cash (25 bills in $100 denomination)
    3) 4-day/3-night trip in a 4-star hotel to my choice of Peurto Rico, Cancun or an other unknown destination in Mexico. The trip can be taken any time in the next 12 months except for Christmas Day and New Year's Day. The trip is transferrable to anyone of my choice. (Oops! I forgot to ask the cost of transferring.)
    4) Toshiba 32" flat-screen HDTV including wall mount (no other model information known)

    I supposedly don't have to buy anything. It's supposedly a promotion that began a year ago when I supposedly registered for it.

    There are more than a couple reasons I'm skeptical but I don't have time to mention them now due to dinner that is calling.
  2. Hey Mike -

    Somehow, I'm thinking that only #3 will be available, but go for it and give them your best indignation!

  3. ! Who are 'they', Mike? This sounds a lot like the sting operations that the police use nowadays to get people to come in that have warrants sworn out for their arrest!!

  4. Door number 3 will definitely be the offer...plus you will be required to pay some sort of fee (registration) and all taxes, etc., etc. I might be wrong, but many years ago, I received a similar offer.
  5. good point
  6. cleoent


    Dec 21, 2007
    San Jose, Ca
    good luck! :smile:
  7. It sounds like a tirme-share scam.

    Run. Don't waste your time.
  8. Though I won't be surprised if it's a sting operation, I'm not the least bit concerned as I haven't done anything illegal. I gotta admit that the idea of it being a sting operation never occured to me, which is apparently exactly how they catch the crooks.
  9. Mike, it is certainly #3, second prize is a full week at the same hotel and third prize is 2 weeks.

    Bob & Nan
  10. It will most likely be number 3, and the "catch" will be that they want you to go to a 1.5 hour presentation on the timeshare they're offering.
  11. Now that I have cooked and eaten dinner and piqued your interest ...:smile:

    "They" is supposedly a company called Event Planners that is supposedly having a grand opening on Monday in Washington, DC. Supposedly the reason they don't have a website is because it is also being launched on Monday.

    However, the company supposedly has an office already open as of a month ago in Concord, California. (Hmmm, I forgot to check if there is indeed a Concord in California.) That office supposedly has a website at hallmarkgetaway.com. Why would a company called Event Planners have that as their URL? I'm not surprised that I can't find a live website.

    Event Planners supposedly sells travel-planning and entertainment-planning services, such as providing tickets to shows, sporting events, travel and the like. I asked why their name is Event Planners because I don't infer from the name that that is their line of business. I don't remember his answer other than that it wasn't convincing in the least.

    The guy I spoke with is supposedly Todd Williams, who supposedly works in their Chicaco office, who supposedly is the director of this grand opening of their Washington DC office. [EDIT: Not the director of the grand opening, rather the director of its promotion.] They supposedly don't have any immediate plans to open any other offices.

    I told Todd (if that's really his name) that I wanted a written invitation with all of the pertinent details. His laptop was supposedly shut down as he was heading out the door to go home when I returned his supposed employee's call. After grilling Todd's employee with a boatload of questions, his employee transferred me to Todd without telling me what he was doing. So, supposedly Todd was suprised to get my call and was indeed heading out the door.

    Todd supposedly faxed a note to the receptionist while I was on the phone with him. The fax supposedly instructed the receptionist to email me. He and I were supposedly waiting for me to receive the email while we were on the phone, though I told him that I was skeptical. Two hours later, the supposed email still has not arrived. I am supposed to call him to confirm that I received the email once that has happened.

    I agree that the most likely prize is the trip and that the trip itself requires attending a time-share presentation.

    If I somehow win the supposed $50,000 cashier's check, which I would take over the Navigator SUV, I won't be celebrating until my bank confirms that the check is cleared. Actually, the only thing I would immediately celebrate is walking out the door with the $2500 cash, which I would immediately take to the nearest police station and have them check it for being counterfeit.

    Any other questions, other than why I am being such an idiot to even consider this?

    Hmmm, is anyone wondering if I'm gonna take my D80 to take pictures of everyone? You betcha!
  12. Yeah, the timeshare is my guess as well.
  13. Sounds too good to be true. Stay on your toes with this one.
  14. Oops, I forgot to mention that the name of the company that answers the phone via voice mail is Sweepstakes Promotions. When I call this guy supposedly named Todd Williams at his extension, I get a voice mail with his voice announcing himself as an employee of Sweepstakes Promotions. He told me earlier that he is an employee of Event Planners.

    U.S. residents should feel free to call him at (866) 598-3512 ext 4791. I'm sure he would love the opportunity to tell you about the grand opening, considering that he is responsible for promoting it. :biggrin:
  15. latazyo


    Apr 23, 2008
  16. What a coincidence! I got this two days ago.

    ...and I didn't even enter!
  17. They wouldn't get 2 minutes of my time.
    You are more patient with this than I would be Mike. I look forward to the continuation of this saga...:smile:

  18. Man oh man. I should have counted on you showing up, Frits. Are ya trying to make me feel guilty that I got the reminder Sunday that I was supposed to recalibrate my monitor and that here on Tuesday I still haven't done it? (For all you other folks, I bought my Spyder from Frits. There's a longer story about that that embarrasses me. :biggrin:) 
  19. latazyo


    Apr 23, 2008
    too bad nobody on those phone sites actually went to see if they won and posted about it
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