Difficult subject - any ideas ?

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  1. Hi.

    Every day on my way to work, I see a field with - well - lawn. Being too large for a golf range, I believe it's supposed to be used to cover quickly unused areas with ready-to-use grass (in german, it's called "Rollrasen").

    I really struggle to get this subject. I have any ideas, but I didn't manage to shoot "my perfect" photo; a picture that represents my impression on this field of short lawn.

    Maybe you have any ideas how to deal with it ?

    Here are my results so far.




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  2. I like the first one because it's not too obvious what it shows.

    #2 is simply too ordinary but it would win if it were sharp from front to back with the foremost grass blades even kind of close-up.

    Nikon, where is my wide angle tilt/shift lens :676: ?!?

  3. yamo


    Jun 28, 2007
    Santa Cruz, CA
    Uh, to my eye it's difficult because it needs a subject, something that would give the first shot some depth... kid with a kite, nude with long silk scarves, a dozen white poodles... well, you did ask for ideas...


  4. Get the feel you are trying to use shadows to give some depth to your image. I am a little with Yamo on this one. I believe for a good landscape photo you need a foreground, subject and background.

    In the second shot your background are the trees and sky. How about something else in the image to project the space you seem to be trying to capture?

    He had some suggestions, perhaps capture the machine used to cut this grass. Problem is it is difficult to have this done when you also have the shadows.
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