Digiscope Comparison

Jul 1, 2006
Titusville, Florida
Hey Everybirdy,

This is fun! Will take a pic of my rig next time out.

I'm in no way advocating trading in your DSLR's for this set-up. I'm sure as hell not giving up mine!! :tongue: I'm only exploring the possibilities and trying not to accept the limitations but try and push them. I don't plan on being any sort of pioneer but I'm thoroughly enjoying the potential.
When I first got the system, I tried to shoot everything that was a mile away. I found out quickly how disappointing that can be given all the natural interferences as well as the technical ones. Starting to think a little more logically and closing that distance, images are becoming more pleasing.
Lou Buscher expressed the dissatisfaction with digiscoping moving targets. It sure is hard to say the least. With practice though, like anything else, things can happen. Will I be digiscoping Blue-gray Gnatcatchers? Downy Woodpeckers? Not unless I want to give myself a splitting headache!! :eek:

It is challenging and it is fun and there just may be a few keepers somewhere along the line!! :biggrin:

The first shot is the owlets with my D70 and 80-400VR standing right beside where the Coolpix is fixed to my scope. all I've done to the owls is a slight slide on levels and resized and sharpen. Just threw in the cropped version for fun. They're not tack sharp, I wasn't "groovin'" today with the owls.
All the other birds are full frame. Let me know what you think.

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Full framed digiscoped at the full 3.5 optical zoom
View attachment 87957

Digiscoped image cropped about 40%
View attachment 87958

Some fun ones today, Black-crowned Night Heron (first year) full frame from about 80 feet
View attachment 87959

Some stop action. A White Ibis bathing at about 40 feet
View attachment 87960

And this one I'm proud of because I had to keep the scope loose on the tripod head so that I could move with it as it was foraging in the mud AND focus AND hold the release cable at the same time!! A Sora is a little bird!!!
View attachment 87961
Nov 15, 2006
Sandwich Ma.
Hi Tom,
Not meaning to knock digiscoping as I do enjoy playing sometimes with my Kenco 80MM telescope and a D70 so I hope you did not take it the wrong way.
I think your owls are still soft or OOF a bit and so is the last on where you had to move the scope but the others are tack sharp and looking good.
I had tried the Nikon set up but after a short time I sent it all back and stuck with my Canon 500 F4 IS and my Sigma 800 5.6 and with my Canon 20D and a 1.6 digital factor I get some really sharp little bird photos as well as my info photos for eagle nest monitoring but I must say when I put my telescope on the nest at 60X I feel like I am in the nest.

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