Digiscoping with a D2X?

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  1. Hi All,
    Just returned from 3 weeks in Australia...Melbourne, Darwin, Cairns. Took over 30GB of photos. Will take awhile, but will start posting to smugmug soon, as soon as I can get over the jet lag

    I took the following Nikons: D2X, 12-24, 70-200VR & 200-400VR and TC14II. Problem is that the 200-400 weighs almost 7 lbs., now attach a D2x, teleconverter, RRS ball head and monopod. A very heavy load, indeed, especially when hiking all over the place.

    At one of the B&B's, a birding guide showed me his Swaroski AT80 HD spotting scope. Very nice piece of glass. Was wondering if any of the bird photographers here, has or has considered attaching their D2X or other digital SLR to one of these scopes. What is the quality like?

    I'm wondering if the print quality will suffer using the scope or not? Any suggestions or information is greatly appreciated. After 3 weeks of carrying the 200-400, I'm looking to lighten the load, but not at the expense of quality.
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  2. No, but...

    This months outdoor photographer had an interesting article about it. Apparently, alot of people are using scopes with 3x zoom digicams with good results.
  3. Welcome Back


    I just got back from my trip this morning, it was good meeting you in the butterfly house in Australia.

    I have loaded my photos on the computer, but I haven't had time to look them over yet, maybe after the jet lag wears off I'll be able to see them clearly.
  4. Can certainly sympathize about the jet lag, think it's going to take at least another week before I'm functioning normally.

    It was nice meeting you in Australia also. I need to go through all my photos and rename them. I will be posting to: www.dond.smugmug.com, the gallery name will be Australia 2005.
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