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Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by powaq, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. powaq


    May 2, 2008
    I want to expand my lens collection in the longer focals. Right now I have the 12-24DX, 20-35 2.8, 35-70 2.8, 70-210 4.0, 30 1.4, 50 1.4 and 60 2.8 lenses. But I really want to replace that 70-210 with something faster (focus-wise and aperture wise).

    I can get a two-ring 80-200 for €600 from someone... Which seems fairly reasonable. OR a 80-200 push pull for €400. Both like new with hoods.

    OR I can get a 105 2.0DC for 400 euros (which seems cheap...) and an 85 1.8 new from the store for €375 (or maybe second hand as well). The 105 has a few scratches and a dent on the hood. I can then get a 135 and 180 later on. And keep the 70-210 f4.

    Now the reason why this is so hard to choose is that I know that I won't be using these focal lenghts too much since I'm a wide-angle person. I VERY rarely shoot things like sports or live music. But that 105 sounds mighty interesting for when I'm going to FX next year. But than again, a 80-200 is handy.. I'm not sure if weight is an issue since that 85+105+135+180 combination will be a lot heavier than that 80-200.

    If I really need an 80-200 I can always borrow my uncles push-pull...
  2. that is a tricky dilemma there. I think, being a wide-angle person i would go for the 80-200. the picture quality is better than the 85 1.8, and not to shabby compared to the 105 and more versatile than them both. obviously it is not as fast the two other lens but the high iso performance of the FX cameras negate this impact to a certain extent.

    i bought my 70-200 after much debating between it and an 85, 135, 180 combination and dont regret it. when i need to use the focal length it has always done the job.
  3. The 80-200 is a terrific lens. It was my first pro (constant f/2.8) zoom, and I loved its renderings. But its much to big/heavy for casual use, so it's size limited the amount of use it got. I eventually replaced it with a pair of primes.

    When I analyzed my 80-200 pics, I realized that most of my pictures were taken at the tips... 80mm and 200mm. That's pretty common for zoom users. So I didn't need 4 lenses to replace it... just an 85 and the 180. Since I specialize in portraits, I bought the 85/1.4, but the affordable 85/1.8 is an excellent solution for general purpose use. And the 180/2.8 is awesome at everything.
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