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Direct wall hanging? MPIX Double Weight Mat

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by racefan, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. I just place my first order with MPIX and really don't have much of a clue what I'm getting, except that folks here talk nicely about the quality of the prints.

    I ordered a 16x24 with "Lustre Coating" mounted on "Double Weight Matboard".

    Has anyone else used that combination? Is it stiff enough to wall-hang without using a frame, and if so, what kind of clips/wire attachments have you used with success?

    I'm probably totally off base here - but I was kinda thinking about getting a bunch of photos mounted on just foamcore and plastering them all over a particular wall - but I'm not sure if what's coming from MPIX will work that way. :confused: 
  2. BigPixel

    BigPixel Guest

    Double Weight Matboard won't be as thick as foamcor Ron. I haven't used MPIX and so don't know what you've ordered actually. Sounds like they mounted the photo to matt board and edge trimmed it. Does it have a front window matt?

    Anyway, there are lots of brackets and clips out there, do a Google search. Personally I matt and frame my work traditionally. Nothing quite like the look of a framed piece under glass. Also aids against fading, dirt and bugs.
  3. Thanks for the response Mike. My problem is (at least part of my problem :rolleyes:  ) is that I don't have the print yet - don't really know what it will be like.

    I hear ya about traditional framing - I'm sure that's the way I want to go long term. I just bought a second home in a new town (new job) and am furnishing/decorating from scratch and trying to throw some of my own photos on a few walls quickly to make it feel a little like home, and to see how I like having my own stuff own the walls - I've never done much of that. Looking for a cheap/quick way to get several up in "trial mode".
  4. When you get the print, take it to your local "chain type" framing store, such as an Aaron Brothers Art Mart or such. The frame size, and you can get inexpensive frames will be dictated by the size of print and/or matting. I don't know the MPIX prints, but I do agree with Mike that this sounds like a print with no matting. At the very least, I would recommend a foamcore board with a single matte, you can decide on the border spacing, this will ensure that however you mount to the wall you will be mounting from the foamcore and your print will not be damaged. Full sheet of foamcore here are about $11 for 30x40, so you won't get away for nothing, but the last thing you want to do is to damage the prints your just purchased. The frame shop can show you clips and such for the mounting as well so you don't have to "guess" from images on the net.
  5. I've gotten one photo process with the double weight matte board. You can absolutely mount it directly on the wall. The only drawback that I've had is that it is very stiff and the edges weren't clean enough for me for direct mounting. Foamcore works better for that. MPIX gallery wraps are the best though for direct wall mounting, IMHO but those are expensive.
  6. Thanks guys! I got the print today and it looks great. The board it's mounted on looks like dense foamcore that's thinner than normal. I'll try all your suggestions to learn about options for framing/hanging it.
  7. They look nice when you first hang them, however, over time it will curl and not look so good. There is a photographer who has curled pictures hanging all over the coffee shop I go to and they are all mounted on very thick mat boards. I've seen the gatorfoam do the same thing, but not as much.
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