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Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by GonzoBernelli, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. D2X, 12-24mm, Sandisk Extreme III 2GB and MC-20, next day (NY -> TX) from B&H for $5759.40
    Less Nikon System Builder of $500.00

    Please don't encourage me, I'm trying to wait for D200 reviews (but I don't think I'm going to last that long since vacation starts next Thursday until the end of the year)
  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    57 hundred. Well hope your rich.

    I would wait if it hurts the budget al all.
  3. The funds are "in place" due to an annual bonus that was 5X larger than expected!
  4. then "squeeze da trigger" and enjoy
  5. gadgetguy11


    Nov 16, 2005
    My only thoughts are:
    1-Call Berger Bros first and see whether they can beat the package price
    2-Consider 4GB Extreme III. I shoot with 3) and 2) 8GB. Would not buy smaller than 4GB card.
    3-Substitute 17-55f2.8 for 12-24f4.0 (I have both. They are both fantastic, but the 17-55 has an edge with my D2X).
  6. I'll encourage you - go for it. Compared to what most of us paid it's like you're getting the 12-24 and the other goodies for FREE.

    My only suggestion is that if you shoot NEF then get a 4GB card. A 4GB holds ~200 compressed NEF and a lot fewer uncompressed.
    IMO you don't need to pay the extra for all the extreme stuff - I've never gagged my standard CF cards.

    My only other question would be are you lusting for the 12-24? If not than the deal isn't so great. If you don't have something in the 17-55 range that, IMO, would be a better choice.

    Congrats on the nice bonus!

  7. Ruffles


    May 5, 2005
    Rexburg, ID
    You may also want to look at a PSD and smaller cards verses more expensive large capacity cards. I use 2 1gig extreme 3 cards and a NextoCF with my D2x. I get about 80 compressed Raw images and I can transfer them to the Nexto in about 1 min and be ready to reuse. This combo made more sense to me than 2 or 4gig cards and no PSD.
  8. PJohnP


    Feb 5, 2005
    Check Cameta as well, because they have a similar offer, without CF. but less money. I've had good luck with Cameta personally.

    John P.
  9. My local Nikon shop just happened to have one D2X unclaimed this morning when they opened up for a "reps day". Played a bit with the D200 and then picked up the D2X (not even in the same ball park in my mind!) and it was GAME OVER! Waffled on the the other stuff mentioned, because I feared my wife would "gut me like a fish" if I got more than just the camera. She just shook her head and said "You paid how much???????". I said "Yep, isn't that what bonuses are for - to get the goodies you weren't normally able to buy?" Belly still intact - but her favorite saying is "Nick, just remember - at some point you WILL need to go to sleep....". If I don't log on tomorrow, call the police. :biggrin:

    Wish me luck! Meanwhile, I'm going to try and shoot some indoor go-karting tonight.
  10. good for you Nick! You are going to have some serious fun now, unfortunately not with your wife :^)
  11. CtPhotoGuild

    CtPhotoGuild Guest

    Ditto! I have dealt with berger brothers since 2000 and their customer service is hands down the winner over all others. I recently switched to the D2X from long time canon ownership, I was hesitant at first but Brad and his team have made this the best experience ever.
  12. Ahhh, it's so much fun to watch little boys planning to get new toys!! *LOL* They're so cute - you can just hear them saying "goodie, goodie, goodie" while they rub their hands together!!! :wink:

    Congrats on your package!
  13. I thought long and hard about ordering online, but the shipping companies here in Texas have less than stirling reputations. I had my first 28-70 f2.8D arrive barely operable so shipped it back and got another, which has been fine. I then said myself, "Self, do you really want to go through the 3 1/2 week exchange hassle if the shipper trashes you brand new $5k camera? Self said to self "NO BLEEDING WAY!".

    Self's new D2X was home at noon and was charged up (while doing honey-do's) and by 8:00 PM was at an indoor go-kart tack snapping away! Nothing broken (except for a measurable financial dent). High speed crop allowed me to take 355 JPEG of the action and I AM THRILLED TO BITS!

    Still the lighting wasn't all that great, the best I could do was 1/200 @ ISO 800 suing f2.8 and 3/4 of the shots were blurry. I thought about flash for freezing action, but then decided driver safety was way more important - so I WILL BE FORCED into faster glass, what a pity! :frown: :eek:  :confused:  :biggrin: :tongue:

    Next purchases will be an 85mm 1.4 and Noise Ninja, not necessarily in that order.
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