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DK 17M Eyepiece

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by Saratoga Lefty, Jun 12, 2005.

  1. I just ordered the DK 17M eyepiece for my D2X. The source was Ace Photo in Virginia. I'm wondering if this eyepiece can be used in conjunction with the DK 2 eyecup??? Anybody know the answer?
  2. fks


    Apr 30, 2005
    sf bay area
    hi bernie-

    how much and did they have it in stock? i'm on the wait list at adorama. from what i read, you can use the dk-2 on it but i don't actually have one to confirm that.


  3. Yep, you can use it! I use it already!
  4. Cory Cooper

    Cory Cooper

    May 24, 2005
    Salem, NH

    Ace Photo is a great shop...I literally lived right around the corner from them in Sterling, VA. I bought almost all my lenses there.

  5. I just ordered a DK 17A anti-fog eyepiece. What is a DK 17M?
  6. For FKS: The cost was $40 plus shipping. I got the last one he had but he is expecting more soon.

    For TexIndian: The DK 17M is a brand new item from Nikon. It magnifies the viewfinder by 1.5 and you can still see everything. Helps with focusing and composition. Very hard to find thus far.
  7. For Klaus H: I just received mine and installed it with the DK 2 eyepiece. It does work but the depth of the eyecup is significantly reduced. Do you know if the DK 19 eyecup is deeper??

    For TexIndian: I was mistaken. The magnification is actually 1.2, not 1.5.
  8. Bernie,

    Would you recommend DK 17M or is it another piece of equipment which will end up sitting in the bag :) 
  9. I used it today for the first time. I'm happy with it but I think it will be better with the DK-19 eyecup instead of the DK-2. Someone posted that the DK-19 mounts closer to the outer edge of the eyepiece whereas the DK-2 mounts near the base. Here is a shot I took today with the 70-200 VR and the 1.7 TC using the DK-17M eyepiece.

  10. Jay Keller

    Jay Keller Guest

    I am using the DK-17A anti-fog eyepiece with the DK-2 rubber eyecup (on the D2X). No problems.

    Some of the older screw-in eyepieces from Nikon will fit the D2X but don't have the protruding tabs on the inside edge. Those tabs allow the eyepiece to be locked in place to prevent accidental loosening (closing the eyepiece shutter unlocks it so it can be unscrewed).
  11. marc

    marc Guest


    dk-2 i used this on d100

    are the eyepieces for f6, d1 etc. the same size as d2x, d2h

    how do these eyepieces fit properly or do you have to modify?

    i wear glasses, when i shoot, and an eyepiece would be very helful

  12. The DK-2 eyecup is excellent on the D2H or D2X and requires no modifications and does lock into place. However, when used with the DK-17M magnifying eyeglass it becomes a little too shallow for my preference: That said, I just shot over 800 photos in Bryce Canyon and Zion and it worked just fine. My DK-19 eyecup should be arriving shortly and then I will post the difference, if any, that I experience. The DK-19 eyecup is the one Nikon recommends with the DK-17M eyepiece.
  13. twig


    May 23, 2005
    Got my DK-17 from Adorama today,
    it works well, almost forget you are using it in a few minutes after you adjust to the larger view.
    As mentioned the DK-2 eyecup is rendered about 1/2 as effective once the DK-17 is mounted within it.

    Will hopefully pick up a DK-19 to compare shortly
  14. There is another thread on the General Discussion forum that really confused me. Per their instructions I went out and bought three #14 "O" rings and also a #15 "O" ring. I didn't find any of them useful. Originally when I used the DK-17m with the DK-2 eyecup, it worked well and stayed on good but because I left the rubber outer ring on the DK-17M the eyepiece protruded too far into the eyecup and thus reduced the effectiveness/comfort of the eyecup for me. Now I have the DK-19 eyecup and it does have a smaller diameter hole than the DK-2. I now followed the DK-19 instructions to remove the "rubber" ring that came with the DK-17M eyepiece to get it to properly fit through the DK-19 eyecup. Then I place the metal ring that came with the DK-19 eyecup between the eyecup/eyepiece assembly and the camera and screw in the eyepiece tight. I don't see any value to using the "O" rings, in fact they seem to make it much more difficult/impossible to screw in the eyepiece tight! Anyway, the eyepiece without the rubber outer ring and with the DK-19 eyecup and the metal ring fit perfectly on my D2X (per the instructions) and I don't see how the DK-19 eyecup can be pulled off over the eyepiece. The fit is very good and tight and now the eyecup has sufficient depth to be more effective and comfortable. I don't recommend using the "O" rings at all.
  15. fks


    Apr 30, 2005
    sf bay area
    i received mine from adorama today. it sticks out from the body a bit, i can't see all the information in the viewfinder at once, and i had to adjust the diopter (on the negative side now).

    otherwise, the image is noticeably bigger. going to give it a whirl this weekend (four days off, yay!).

  16. Here is how it looked on my D2X. I've since found that the method Scott is proposing also works well. In his version you pull the eyecup up over the edges of the eyepiece so that the writing doesn't show and the eyepiece is inserted into the slit inside of the DK-19 eyecup. With this method you will want to use the three "O" rings.
  17. Here is how it looked on my D2X. I've since found that the method Scott is proposing also works well. In his version you pull the eyecup up over the edges of the eyepiece so that the writing doesn't show and the eyepiece is inserted into the slit inside of the DK-19 eyecup. With this method you will want to use the three "O" rings.

  18. Kapalua

    Kapalua Guest

    Please repose image of DK 17M with DK 19 attached?

    The link above is not working for me now. Does the DK 19 come with just a rubber eyecup or is there a metal ring? What is the best way to attach the DK 19 to the DK 17M for an eyeglass wearer? Thanks so much.

  19. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    I think I'm going to take mine off :( 

    The fact that you can't see all of the viewfinder's info at once is very bothersome to me, so I'm going to return one of D2X bodies to it's stock setup, and see which one I like better when tested side by side. I'm pretty sure they're both going back to the standard diopter.
  20. JeffKohn


    Apr 21, 2005
    Houston, TX
    I just got an email from Penn Camera about my DK-17m order from them. Apparently they have at least a few in stock now if anybody's looking for one.
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