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DK-17m is on my D70s (Completed)

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by PhotoByMark, Oct 2, 2005.

  1. I like the idea of a magnifying eye piece and the DK-17m looks to be ideal but, it does not fit on the D70(s). Or at least everything I have read so far indicates it does not fit/work on the D70. Correct if I am wrong about this statement.

    So my question.

    Does anyone know of something similar that would work on my D70s? That is, an after market magnifying eyepiece for the D70(s)?

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  2. Ummm, anyone?
  3. I have been looking and No I have not been able to find anything...
  4. Hi mark,

    don't expect to much of it. I bought it a few years ago for my s2 and have used it only once. it doesnt magnify the whole finder but just te centre.
  5. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  6. What happens if you screw a DK-17m in the screw-in adapter and put it on a D70(s)? (Like I allready do with my DK-3)

    Wouldn't it magnify this viewfinder, too? (Isn't the D70 Viewfinder smaller then the D1/D2? So it should cover all the field.)

    Perhaps someone who owns the dk17m and a d70 could try it out? (I couldn't get my hand on a dk17m for trying :frown: )
  7. All, Thanks for the comments.

    Yes. That is a bummer. Only magnifies the center. YUCK! Not really what I am looking for.

    Perhaps - If anyone has a DK17m and D70 - I would love to know if it works.

    And of course, If I could find a DK17m anywhere. These things appear to be in very short supply.

  8. Have a search for that on dpreview at d100/d2 forum.

    I think i saw something about that a few weeks ago.

  9. Oh Cool!

    I will take a look over there.

  10. Oh ever better. Thx. I will take a look.


    Very good info here. I think I am willing to try this out. Just have to find someplace that actually has some DK17m in stock. Seems like nobody has got them right now.
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  11. Joseph S. Wisniewski

    Joseph S. Wisniewski

    Aug 11, 2005
    There's an elegent (but expensive) solution. The Leica 1.25x eyepiece magnifier works jut like the DK-17m, but it's sized the same as Nikon's smaller screw in eyepieces, so it works directly with the Nikon 2370 adapter, you don't have to modify anything. The Leica magnifier is physically smaller than the Nikon, but still works well and covers a full D70 viewfinder. It's frighteningly expensive new, though there has been talk of them popping up from time to time on eWay ebbyBay.
  12. Joseph,

    Thanks for the valuable information. I like the idea of not modifying anything.

    I will hunt around for it and maybe I will go this route.

    Well-You are right. It is frightfully expensive. $259.95 @Adorama. :eek: 
    Ok->So maybe Ebay....

    Thanks again.


    FYI: Leica 1.25x Information
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  13. For those of you on this side of the Atlantic I suggest calling Ace Photo 703 430-3333 and ask for Elliot, Shelly, or the owner, Mo. I purchased a DK-17 there this Saturday. Mo said he's been shipping them all over the world as he has a good supply and the availability was mentioned on DPReview. Elliot used to work for Nikon so they should be able to find out any information on D70 compatible viewfinders.

    This happened three years ago with the D100; when ACE gets a shipment they get a LOT of items. I was there one evening shortly after buying my D100 and Mo received a call from Portugal about buying a D100 from them.

    Good luck.

  14. Keaka


    Oct 13, 2005
    Richmond BC
    There was a post on dpreview not long ago about a guy who bought the Nikon eyepiece adapter #2370 and then grinded the circle down so that it was wide enough to glue/attach the Nikon DK-17M to it. The end result worked pretty well. Too bad the DK-17M is hard to find though.
  15. ajodon

    ajodon Guest

    I just completed this DIY project.
    There are several Hong Kong distributors offering the DK-17M on ebay. I purchased mine from HK Enterprises. Shipping to Arizona took a week.
    Yesterday I modified the 2370 with a dremel tool and snapped in the DK-17M.
    It makes a world of difference on that tiny D70 viewfinder. I think Nikon should have offered this option, but I guess there was no margin in a $3.95 part.
  16. That is very cool!

    So I just dremel out the 2370 until the DK-17m fits into it?

    Is it possible for you to post a pic of it?

    Can you see the entire viewfinder? That is, the status info and such?

    Where does one find these hong kong distributers - EBay perhaps?

  17. ajodon

    ajodon Guest

    This link has pictures of the modification, but is written in a language I do not read.


    It's really pretty simple, and the results are, for me, very satisfactory.
    And yes, you can see all the status info, bigger and better than ever.
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  18. This mod looks very easy to do ->eventhough I do not understand the words. (Thanks ajodon for the link).

    I will call Ace Photo in the am tomorrow and see if they got the DK-17m? If they do I am buying it! If not, then the quest begins to find one. (Thanks Rich)

    Hopefully by next weekend, if I am lucky, I will have a better view of the world through my viewfinder and then my pictures will improve dramatically. Well, probably not but, hey I can dream! :smile:

    Thanks for all the posts on this subject!
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