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'Do Any Of You Read The Magazines - If So Which Ones?'

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Panther, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. As a fledgling newbie, I sometimes find myself glancing at the photog magazines on the racks. Although I haven't purchased one yet, the thought has crossed my mind a few times.

    Just wondering what you folks read (if you do)....Tks:smile:
  2. I was given a gift subscription to Outdoor Photographer. There are some useful articles in there from time to time. The problem with most publications, not just photography based ones, is that 2/3 of the pages are advertising. I would not have a problem with if it were a free publication, but paying to read advertisements is a drag. Fortunately a lot of these articles are also available on the magazine's website, so it doesn't hurt to look every few weeks for new and interesting articles.
  3. I take other magazines and look at the pictures. does that count? :tongue: But in all seriousness, ive read Outdoor Photographer also, its pretty interesting. Ive looked through some others, i forget the names though hahaha =/
  4. Ronald M

    Ronald M

    Nov 10, 2008
    I got a subscription to Popular after just reading my library copy for 25 years. $7.00, what the heck.

    Leica Photography International is stopped, View Camera is stopped. Camera Art is stopped. That`s about $150 a year.

    I read Digital Photography at the library and save the $50.00.
  5. I've never subscribed to a photography magazine and seldom read them. Much more information is available on the internet now.

    However, I purchased a copy of Nature Photographer a few weeks ago, and I have been quite impressed with it. They give complete technical data on every image published.

    I may subscribe to it.
  6. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Outdoor Photographer and Shutterbug.
  7. midocr


    Mar 28, 2008
    OH - IO
    +1 and Pop Photo
  8. I just did.
  9. willg


    Nov 22, 2007
    New Jersey, USA
    Like Ronald, Pop Photo. For $7.00 a year its worth it.
  10. The UK mags are my favorites. I also like outdoor photographer and pop photo, too. I tend to buy too many, just ask my wife.....
  11. Thanks everyone for the comments!
  12. If I may add some international flavor:

    After buying and reading the most popular photo mags for several years here in Germany, I quitt. All they do is reporting about new equipment (don't need all this updated info on coolpix-like cameras), testing new equipment (but only the most popular equipment like the latest 18+ zooms -- don't need that either), sometimes nice photoshop tips and very seldom interesting shooting tips (you will get more and better information when reading a good book or, of course, browsing the internet).

    And, btw, $ 7 for a year long subscription would be a dream here, since this is more like the price for a copy.

    However, while regularly checking the BJP website, I learned that nowadays it may not be the best time to visit the UK with a camera :eek: :tongue:.
  13. For me there are the usual suspects, Pop Photo and Shutterbug. But I picked up on a magazine from the UK called Amateur Photographer. It gives some rather interesting short takes on a range of photography and the actual steps and settings used to get the shot.
  14. danameless


    May 9, 2009
    It looks interesting, but a 1-year subscription to the US is $192!
  15. Started with "Modern Photography" now Pop and Outdoor. Only because they are cheap and like to have something to read at the table in the a/m. If not for that I would not subscribe.
  16. I'n not seeing how or prices on your link.
  17. I subscribe to Pop Photo, Shutterbug, and Outdoor Photographer. I find better info here and on other forums like byThom.
    I sometimes buy Digital Photography How-to-Guide ,and the British ones , Digital Photo and Practical Photography.The British ones sometimes have CDs for photoshop, but you can find better ones on you-tube.
    The Dig Photography How-to-guide has been helpful.
    These British ones emphasize Canon. Anyone know the name of one more for Nikon.?
    I'm going to Barnes and Noble later , they have a very big selection to peruse. They have more than Borders.
    I have bought other magazines if they have a few articles on macro or hdr or landscape that I want to read.
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