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Do these work?

Discussion in 'People' started by greyflash, Jul 14, 2007.

  1. A little selective focus with the 85mm f1.4 lens. About a year ago I saw Woody do one of these (far better than mine) and it stuck with me. Course I have a couple of teens from the neighborhood and he had two beautiful models and a MUA. My question is does this work at all?

    NIKON D2H    ---    85mm    f/3.5    1/30s    ISO 200

    NIKON D2H    ---    85mm    f/1.4    1/30s    ISO 200
  2. Gordon, I think they (especially setup like #1 with the OOF daughter in the BG) would work much better if the OOF daughter was a little farther back in the frame, so as to make her smaller.
  3. sypher


    May 24, 2006
    Cougar Country
    I agree with Roy...I like the first one, but the second one just doesn't do it for me...it almost looks like it was done in photoshop.
    By the way, I might be heading down your way at the end of the month.
  4. Muonic


    Jun 14, 2006

    That was exactly my first thought. They just look too close together, to have one in focus, and the other OOF. I think it could work well, though, with a little more separation.
  5. Thanks Roy, I will try that next time. Just FYI, these are not daughters but were part of a paid shoot I did. This was just a little fun experiment. Interestingly enough my wife did not like them but the girls and one of the mothers did and bought a print of it.

    Thanks for the input Brian, I will have to keep playing with this. I am sorry but I will not be here at the end of the month as I am heading for California. Bring your AC as it is mighty hot here.

    The first one was as shot but the second one I did darken the forward subject some in PS. They were both shot at f1.4 with the 85mm lens as close to the subject as I could get with this lens. Thanks for taking the time to critique these shots.
  6. cuss2much

    cuss2much Guest

    I like the first one...

    I dont really like the second one..

    and I agree with Roy that a little seperation between the two may make a difference as well...
  7. I agree with what has been said above and thought the same thing when I saw these on your pbase website. I actually clicked on the second one because I thought the thumbnail was adorable, but was disappointed when I opened it. I realize you were trying something, but it would have been a great picture if they were both in focus. It looks fake to me.

    I really like the first one by the way. I just had to meet my quota of one critical post per month so that people actually read my posts! :biggrin:
  8. I think you are right about the seperation and should I ever do this again I will certainly do that. Thanks.

    Your post is a crack up and it made me smile. I am glad I could help you make your quota for the month. :smile: Thanks for helping me.
  9. Haibane


    Aug 14, 2006
    Smyrna, Georgia
    Gordon. One is good. Two looks like you blurred it in post process instead of shooting per aperture. look at the hair
  10. Well here it is full frame as it came from the camera.


    As I mentioned I did convert it to B&W, croped it, sharpened the girl to the right of the frame and darkened the girl to the left of the frame. It was shot at f1.4.
  11. Ottrott's Human

    Ottrott's Human

    May 21, 2006
    I think it works best in the first shot. It seems strange to me to have the closer subject OOF. The second shot would be incredible if they were both IF.

    Heck.....your kids from the neighborhood make mighty fine models if you ask me and at their ages who needs an MUA?
  12. They are cute girls Stuart and I also agree about having them in focus. I guess I was just trying a selective focus image just to see what it looked like. Thanks for your comments
  13. Gordon, how did you light these? I don't remember you using any studio type backgrounds...

    I love the first one, but for some reason the second isn't to my liking.

    Great experiments...well done.
  14. Thanks for taking the time to comment John. I used a large softbox to my left with two SB800's inside and an umbrella softbox with one SB800 to my right with the level cut way down. Lastly I had a hairlight to the right rear and about 4 ft above their heads. This was an SB600 set on manual at 1/64 power. I triggered these with an SU800 on camera.
  15. Haibane


    Aug 14, 2006
    Smyrna, Georgia
    Gordon, why on earth is the blurred girl's hair on the right side so sharp? wow that totally confuses me. Oh well
  16. The DOF is quite narrow and the distance from her face to her hair makes the difference. Her hair is more in line with the in focus girl.
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