Do You Folks Take A Camera EVERYWHERE?

Do you take a camera everywhere you go?

  • Yes, I take a camera everywhere

    Votes: 41 41.8%
  • I take a camera out sometimes, but not all the time

    Votes: 55 56.1%
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Noob Alert. Consider yourself warned.

This question is geared to the amateur/hobbyist photographer.

Do you take a camera everywhere?
Do you get comments and funny looks when you have a camera where you normally wouldn't see one?

So far I've taken mine everywhere save for hit and run trips to the store.
Yes. In the beginning I got a lot of strange looks. Most people in my surroundings are now used to it and actually expect me to have a camera with me (never let them down either).

As a result I now spend around 10% of my time at work at taking pictures and processing them. Not only can I now do my hobby at work time (without the pressure of being a pro-photographer) but it's actually considered a big "going the extra mile" at the yearly appraisals. And I got to spend around six grand sofar this year on photography-related expenses which is always fun when it's not your own money.
Not when running quick errands no, i leave it at home, but i take it with me to work, when i visit friends, hiking, etc.
my school bag has at least on dSLR in it always.

the only time i really get weird looks is when i pull out the d3s and 70-200
Wonder why people would look at you funny with your D3 and 70-200???

I have a camera about 70% of the time. Mostly just an ungripped 300s with a 35mm prime, or a P7000, occasionally the D40x with 35mm (but my 4 year old son usually takes it from me because it is HIS) but when I specifically go out to shoot I take my 2.8's and bag it all.
I bought my first Minox III in 1960 and have not been without one in my pocket since. Don't shoot as many pics with it as I used to because processing is rather expensive. Years ago you could load with fast B&W and small prints were cheap from Minox. Currently have a TLX and processing is basically available from only one place and film is rather expensive. Never leave home without it.
The poll left out the other option of "No, I rarely ever take a camera me".
It would have my vote and probably that of most people. My camera leaves the house perhaps 3-4 times/year and I carry special insurance on it just for those albeit rare times.
I typically take my camera bag whenever I'm out for any extended period of time, but if I'm just going to the store or something I don't bother. I obviously don't when I go to play hockey, or if I'm worried about the environment that the camera might be in.