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Do you keep your "kit" lenses?

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Chris Kelleher, May 20, 2007.

  1. I was just wondering if people generally keep and use their "kit" lenses after you purchase some higher end lenses?

    For example, I started out with the 18-55mm DX and 55-200mm DX lenses. I just got a 70-300mm VR lens, and am planning on getting an 18-200mm VR next... which would seem to make kit lenses redundant.

    I'm a little torn since the kit lenses are nice for the money, but I could eBay them and put the money towards something else. Just wondering what people here usually do.
  2. eisbaer

    eisbaer Guest

    If I were a D80 owner I would sell the kitlens after getting the 18-200mm. You'll probably never use the kitlens again. But as I'm a D40 owner I'm keeping it. The reason for this is that I might at some point decide to sell the D40 and get me (probably) a D80. The D40 will be easier to sell as a kit I think because of the target audience.
  3. I kept my 18-55, even though I hardly use it now, Its 52mm filter makes for some cheap experimenting (I originally bought a Hoya R72, and ND400 filter for it, Since you pay soo little for 52mm filters compared to say a 77mm filter, it saved me money and got me a nice wide 18mm to play with for Infrared, and Long exposure Daytime shots (with the ND400))

    Also with a Br-2a you can mount the 18-55 rear facing and play with some Macro stuff.

    Basically its a good utility lens
  4. jcovert

    jcovert Guest

    I sold my 18-70 after I got better glass. I wouldn't have used the lens again, and the money went towards something useful.
  5. weiran


    Jan 2, 2007
    Nottingham, UK
    My Tamron has effectively replaced my 18-70DX. If you'd got the 18-200 it may still be worth keeping the 18-55DX as it's significantly smaller and lighter and it's resale value isn't very high.
  6. I never had any kit lens, but if it were the 18-70, I would surely keep it as a walk-around lens. For what it costs, this lens is excellent.

  7. Hi Chris....

    I will depend on whether you are looking to get yourself any more lenses/gear with the $$$ from the sale. But personally I would keep the 18-55 as it hasn't a high resale value, but more importantly it does magnificent shots between 18-35 that the 18-200 won't match. It doesn't have the distortion the 18-200 has at the wide end not that its too bad but not anywhere near as good as the 18-55. Plus it has a better minimum focusing distance of 0.28m (0.9 ft.) (through the entire zoom range), compared to the 18-200vr closest focusing distance of 0.5m/1.6ft.

    Plus if you decide later that you want to step up in your lenses like going to primes or Pro level zooms, these kit lens are always handy to have around as light daily use when you don't want to take the good gear with you or to carry around all day...

    In fact I bought a 18-70 after getting my 28-70 f/2.8 as I wanted a cheap lightweight lens as a daily user for the D50. I also got the 24-85 for the D80 for the same reason...

    Just my 2 bits worth...
  8. Cabrams

    Cabrams Guest

    I dont buy the kits but it is very hard for me to sell any of my lenses. However I do think that with the lenses you have/will have there is really no need for those kit lenses unless you want to tear them apart and see how there made, or you could do like I do and put them in the closet bag and never look at them again.

  9. Same here... never had a kit lens... :rolleyes:  but I would love an 18-200mm...
  10. I bought a kit lens :eek: . I bought the 18-70 for the times I wanted just one casual walk around lens.
  11. Sunesha


    May 3, 2007
    Malmoe, Sweden
    I think I will keep my 18-70mm in the future. It wouldnt sell for much. It produces all right photos. Also having a "rockn roll" lens for social gatherings I dont have to be so scared it will break.

    But I think I am aint normal in this case. I buying a 12-24 mm on my trip to the states. Then the next will be probaly be something that compete at the 18-70. Also worth alot more.

    But I kept in my mind when took the decesion to take the d80 and the 18-70 instead of the cheaper d40 with a more expensive lens. I love the walkaround range of the 18-70. If Nikon made 18-70 with 2.8 it would be perfect for my shooting. I dont miss the telephoto use of my canon powershoot 3is at all, thou you can question the quality at "438" mm ;-)

    I think I will have to stay my personal motto concerning lenses.

  12. I had a 18-135mm as a kitlens. And I still use it a lot when I go outside with just the camera. I really like this universal lens.
  13. Thanks for all of the great comments on this... looks like I will hang on to the kit lenses as they are good walking around lenses and I know I wouldn't get much for them.
  14. Jeffx2


    May 2, 2006
    St. Louis, MO
    I kept my 18-70 for the same reasons you did. When I go to a social event where I know I'll be in tight quarters it's nice to have a light zoom. And by "light", I mean light weight. Could you imagine pivoting to get a quick shot and whacking Auntie Bea in the head with your 28-70?
  15. Since I was starting from scratch with Nikon in '04, I bought a D70 with the 18-70mm kit lens. Since that time I have acquired a flock of lenses, but the 18-70mm is still on one of my D70 cameras as a good light weight walk-around. I think that Nikon really did us a favor when they offered this combo at the time.
  16. I just picked up an 18-70. I do have the 28-70 already, but would like something a bit lighter in weight for when I'm out hiking alone with my 2yr old daughter. We still tackle areas that are a bit much for her and I have to "portage" her across streams/boulders/etc. I look forward to a lighter weight lens, and also a good travel lens (with my old D70) for hubby on business trips! :smile:
  17. Sold my 18-70mm to a friend who loves them and uses them for weddings.
    It did not meet my level of expectations.
  18. hahnphoto


    May 21, 2007
    sold mine (18-70), didn't like the images. Bought better glass.
  19. Sold my 18-55 kit lens back when I had my D50 and bought a 18-70.
  20. Dave_Canada

    Dave_Canada Guest

    IMHO I would keep it you never know when you might need it , it may be traveling or just because one lens is in for repair etc , its not worth taking the huge loss on resale.
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