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Do you mind if I steal from you?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gary7770, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. So,

    I do onsite printing at events and this is the first time that my crew has fielded this question:

    "What resolution are your pictures because we would like to scan and sell them?"


    Luckily I wasn't there for that question...


  2. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: 
  3. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Unfortunately, this is the downside of today's techology.
  4. Well at least they were honest :)  What is online printing at events?

  5. Zachs


    Feb 25, 2006
    onSITE, not online.
  6. I have a bunch of computer setup in the lobby of whereever I am shooting so that people can buy the prints on the spot ...


  7. It makes you feel like shooting someone - and not with a camera. Seriously, it shows how times change - 10 years ago someone might have stolen but would not have been so brazen about it.
  8. The simple fact that they stated that they were going to RESELL them just kills me ...

    Scan it for personal use, I know just about everyone is going to do that with my photos, still not right, but ok fine ...

    To come out and say that you are going to make a profit from me??? damn ...


  9. Hi Gary,

    One of those times when you wish you were quick enough to say "I'll have to check, could you leave your name and number so I can call you?" when you get then info then say "Oh, and I'll pass this along to the lawyer who enforces my copyright!"

  10. I like it... since the event is running through sunday, my guys may still be able to point her out!


  11. adrianaitken

    adrianaitken Guest

    Gary, say 25dpi but for an extra $100 I'll print them at 300dpi !!
    I take it you do put some sort of watermark/copyright statement on your images ?
  12. Not being a pro and not depending on my photos for my living, my initial reactions is.....Well what can you do. I can understand the inital reaction of anger but I think you need to take into account who may have asked this question. Unfortunately many people do not quite understand or are educated enough in copyright or the artists property. I'm in the music business and I know that musicians have been at odds with this for some time now. For the longest time the public did not think letting a friend borrow a CD to burn onto their ipod was wrong or using a song in a video montage and selling it was illegal. Technology has made it increasingly difficult to protect their product and has eaten into their margin. I think the best approach is to educate the individual as to why it wrong to copy an artists image and then sell it. The fact that they asked and were pretty blatant shows that they didn't know what they were asking to do is wrong.

    I think the solution is of course a watermark to show it is copyrighted and also educating the consumer.

    Just my thoughts but then again I don't depend on my photos for my income (thank heavens, or I would go hungry)
  13. It's definitely wrong. Just like someone borrowing a friend's CD and burning it. My kids used to argue that they weren't going to sell it so it didn't matter. I explained that they were keepimg the artist from profit by not buying the CD but copying it. You have 10 friends who want the CD but only one buys it and then 9 burn it. That music artist just missed out on 9 sales.
  14. Assuming all 9 other people wanted it enough to buy the Cd.... I'm not saying its right, But the way the record companies measure "Losses" is completely innacurate. CD sales actually go up in a lot of cases (since filesharing became popular), The real problem now is that CD's are an inefficient way to distribute music, But the old "tried tested and extremely profitable" methods won't easily be let go of.

    Also back to the original poster, I find it almost humorous that someone would ask that and then tell them that they were planning on selling them. Its like they are actually ignorant of the consequences of doing that, Sorry to say but she must have been a real idiot to actually come up with that idea in the first place. That or she really didn't understand the rights she is granted when purchasing a picture...
  15. This is the main reason I have started to charge in advance for my time, rather than prints after the fact. Most people can relate to being paid for their time, so they can accept this. Now I will not release any files or prints, until the entire has been paid in full.

    I truly believe the digital age has destroyed the entire copyright process.

  16. I've actually had someone ask how they could save one of my shots to print. She didn't want to resell it - just have it for themselves. I had to explain to them my shots were for sale and not free. She was really embarrassed.
  17. Just for fun I've printed an image straight off of my pbase and was not too happy. While it's not the greatest, it's not too bad.
    The flip side is, one periodical that purchases my images takes them right off my site for one time publication. Works great since i don't have to do a thing and they occassionally ask me for higher resolution files.
    I've had someone tell me they use my images for wallpaper which, while it's flattering, is perturbing to say the least. Made me want to shut down my galleries right then and there. I did say, "well that doesn't help me make a living!". It's not a primary source of income but does pay for a lens from time to time.
    Even now, I'm thinking I need to put a notice on my front page concerning this.
    It's a pickle!

  18. Is that how you spell it?!!! I'm with you.
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