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Do you take your camera everywhere?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Voyager1968, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. And more importantly, does your wife/husband/sig other balk if you do? I missed out on a parking lot car/foot chase and a takedown of 3 shoplifters at our local WalMart this evening. We went grocery shopping, and, like most routine trips, didn't have the camera. This is a mistake since I'm a part time free-lance shooter for our local paper and I would have had some great shots for the paper as I witnessed most of the event as it progressed. Needless to say I was bummed I didn't have the camera. When we got home, I mentioned to the wife that I needed to start taking the camera everywhere we go since news can happen at any moment. Well, you'd think I caused an international crisis. She immediately said that if I did, she wasn't going to go anywhere with me anymore. She wants to go out with her husband, not her husband AND a camera.

    Long story short, I feel like she's hampering a possible full-time career, and at the very least, a chance to make some decent extra money each month. I tried to explain to her that this is my job. What she said surprised me. Her words were, "when they give you assignments, that's ok, but you aren't going to be running to fires and accidents and stuff whenever something happens."

    After all this, I'm ready to just give up the newspaper job, and just stick to my regular day job. What's the use if I can't go out and get the hard news when it happens?
  2. my wife and 14 year old daughter barely tolerate me taking my camera ANYWHERE, these days

    that very fact is the source of much sorrow for me, quite frankly
  3. azngotmilk

    azngotmilk Guest

    sucks about the wife thinking that..

    i usually try to bring the camera where i can but if im going just going shopping sometimes i feel more hesitant to bring it because i dont want to leave it in the car and in the heattt
  4. This is a very sore subject in my household. My wife's only concern is me leaving the camera in the car for someone to see it and bust the window and steal it. She says to me that she would not want to live with me if someone stole any of my gear. Well of course I would never leave any gear in plain sight for someone to bust into our vehicle to get it but still this is a subject that we have had plenty an argument about.

    Talk about opportunities, several years ago I ran into an elderly couple in a supermarket parking lot where the woman who was driving had apparently stepped on the gas when she was probably looking for the brake and ended up running up the side of a parked car turning their vehicle on it's side. It had already happened when I got out of the car but there they were still strapped in their seat belts in the car with it laying on it's side perfectly angled in a parking spot. So I hear you loud and clear Steve about at least having an opportunity for capturing something news worthy.
  5. I never leave home without a camera, and since acquiring the 12/24 lens, i use it as a PS, keeping it within easy reach. Security is not a big issue to me, where I live, people do not wander, also everything is fully insured. This is one of the benefits of insurance, regardless of how much gear you have, insure it. Insurance, frees me; I had not a worry,on my first canoe photo trip last month.

    I have been very lucky when it comes to the family and my camera. I involved my wife in photography early on. I think the magic of a dark room is far more infectious, than is todays PP.
    My wife did take up the camera and ended up an editor of a statewide agricultural paper, also doing the photos and the darkroom work, and video for the TV show.

    I know it can not work far all photographers, but involving the spouse, I would think, to be of critical importance. The attempt, should, at least be made. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

    I am really sorry for those members who's spouses are not supportive. Every family has and needs a 'recorder', although the need is greatly reduced todays electronic and PS world.
    The only place my wife refused to go with me and our camera, was the red light district of Amsterdam LOL

    Edit! I meant to add. I wonder how the non support/opposition of our cameras, breaks down by age groups????????????
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  6. midocr


    Mar 28, 2008
    OH - IO
    Since acquiring my Nikon and being single, my camera goes pretty much everywhere with me. The only time I don't take it is if I know I'll have to leave it in the truck for a long period of time. I'm still trying to develop my eye for potential photo ops, so I figure if i have it, I'll use it. It's not costing me anything to shoot as much as I want. I would like to run into a young lady who shares my interest in photography so WE could take our cameras everywhere together. Any single, 40something women who like photography in west central Ohio out there? :wink:

    Thanks for the insurance tip Tom. I'll have to call my agent tomorrow to see if everything is covered if I flip my kayak. :910:
  7. No I do not.
    On any leisure travel I will take a camera, but not on week days when I work. On weekends I usually through my gear (Pelican case) in the trunk but I don't always use it.
  8. When I go out with my family I usually bring it, 95% of the time, my wife is used to it and it doesn't seem to bother her. Those times I am on my way out and I think I'm going to leave it, a thought runs through my mind 'what if I miss something....' and I invariably grab it, so its with me. The question is though, what lens?

  9. DM Rosner

    DM Rosner

    Dec 13, 2006
    The problem most of you seem to be having is that you don't carry a purse. :wink:

    I replaced my purse with a Tamrac Adventure Messenger 3 a long time ago, and now my camera goes everywhere I do. I have to make a deliberate effort to leave it behind.

    Luckily, I no longer have the problem of a spouse who doesn't support my interests. :biggrin:
  10. I never go to work without mine (self employed). I rarely go anywhere with my wife without a camera. When you've been married 32 years she just be glad you're alive (or not). :biggrin:
  11. Lurker


    Jul 21, 2007
    I think that about 50% of the pictures that I take are of my son in all kinds of situations. My wife is more than happy that I bring the camera everywhere (my argument is always you'll see that if I leave my camera at home the Martians will be landing at Market Street tonight!.) - she knows that it's the "price" she has to pay for getting lots of great pictures of our little snowflake!
    Since a few weeks I have a D40 that I carry around in a small Rezo 180 bag. A vast improvement over the 10 pound backpack with gear (D200, lenses, blah) up until then.
  12. LDB415


    Apr 26, 2008
    For the OP I'd suggest working out a compromise. Sit down with your wife and tell her you understand her feelings and want to work out something you both can be happy with. Point out the economic benefit and the possibility of events such as the parking lot activity. Assure her you aren't going to turn into an ambulance or fire truck chaser but you also don't want to miss things that fall right on top of you either.

    Figure out ahead of time if there's a way to take your gear in the car and secure it. That would have solved the parking lot situation without taking it on your shoulder every moment.

    Finally, consider a Nikon S600. It's certainly more capable than newspaper printed photos and newspaper website photos. It's no bigger than a deck of cards so it can go in your shirt pocket and be with you all the time without upsetting her and still get pictures plenty good enough for publishing.
  13. Now that is a dedicated photographer, rather drastic method though:smile::biggrin::smile:
  14. MiriamJ


    Dec 9, 2005
    Arizona, USA
    I've been married for over 30 years to a very supportive husband. I used to take my camera with me everywhere, too, but I realized it was cutting into time I could be sharing with my husband. Now I'm less apt to have my camera along so I can spend more time making memories that are more important to me.

    I'm wondering if your wife feels that the camera is cutting into time the two of you could be spending together. Of course, if the camera is in it's case, but you're spending your time looking around for photos, that's still not quality time with her.

    Hobbies are important, as is bringing in extra money and the potential for a better job, but life is short, so in the long run, the people in it are really what are most important.

    On the other hand, if you are putting proper importance to your relationship over the photography, I'd talk with your wife as LDB suggests and reassure her that your camera will come out when necessary for photo ops.
  15. Firelarz


    Feb 26, 2006
    Chandler, AZ
    I for one, almost NEVER go anywhere without a camera. I also only have D3's so I don't even have a p&s. My wife understands this and is ok with it. If she wasn't well I would say too bad. This is me, it is what I love to do.
    I also leave it in the car when I go to stores as some they do not allow photography(Wal Mart...don't ask.)

    As far as insurance, all my gear is covered. If you are looking at insurance, make sure you get full replacement coverage. If your current agent does not offer it, look into it through PPA if you are a member.
    Or contact me and I will get you my agents info to contact them directly.

    Take care, Larz
  16. Thanks for the replies!

    To address a few comments:

    The camera would be in the trunk of the car, and only come out when something interesting or newsworthy is occuring, such as the police activity in the Wal Mart parking lot. I wouldn't have it around my neck at all times.

    As for ambulance and fire chasing, well, that was something the paper was kind of looking for since there isn't anyone in the town I live in to do it.

    I guess I can kind of see where my wife is coming from, but having the camera with me doesn't mean we are going to be out looking for photo ops. It's just in case the unusual happens so I'm prepared to shoot and submit if it does.
  17. Julien


    Jul 28, 2006
    Paris, France
    I never leave home without at least one camera, usually my smallest one which used to be my D50 with a 50mm but now it's an M6 with a 50mm :biggrin:
  18. NPA2008


    Apr 15, 2008
    A few years ago I stopped carrying a camera everywhere. Now I only take an SLR with me when I intend to photograph something. Even with living in big cities I very rarely saw an accident or emergency worth shooting. I realized it is not worth the effort of carrying an SLR or a point and shoot when just going anywhere.
  19. I can and do take it ...

    I can and do take it everywhere usually one camera and one lens plus a smaller one in a pouch... Or a big bag with a slew of stuff in it... However I did buy a small Olympus P&S to have a smaller camera with me at all times without having to have that big D3 or D300.

    I did this even when girlfriend does encourage my passion and do not care if I have a camera with me at all times, it is both my passion and my job but certainly not my life. She is way more important to me than my photography as such I am the one who went out and bought a P&S when I can actually take my gear with me everywhere, cause I want to have our time together... without the cameras.

    It is all about balance, you need to balance your life and career as well as decide on what is truly important... to you.

    i.e. How many times - days a year - out of 365 days, do you actually notice something news worthy vs. taking your gear with you at all times.... Or is it how many times every 5 years... It is all about return on investment for me, if I miss one everyday then yea... But if I can potentially miss something once every five years... No, sorry as much as I want to be sympathetic to your cause I have to agree with your wife on this.

    Balance is everything, get a P&S or one of those new cell phones with 3 mega pixels cameras and you're set - balance and compromise makes everyone happy :biggrin:

    On top of that if it is in the trunk by the time you'd get to it ... it would be all over... I can understand Larz point of view cause a D3 is with me 98% of the time and I only got a P&S not to have to carry a D3 with me all the time... The most difficult thing to overcome was like when I quit smoking - I couldn't picture myself (nice pun) without a cigarette, same thing with a SLR but there was a day when I was not carrying all the time with me... So... I need to have a little balance don't cha think? :wink:

    I used the patch to quit smoking - my Olympus is my patch against the SLR habit ... *shrug* works for me.
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