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Does This Exist?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by johnpalamaro, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. Of course I can fabricate something, but finally have my F4/300mm and am ready to start some [semi] serious bird shooting.

    While I have decent rain gear for myself, does anyone market an umbrella device that can attach in some non-Rube Goldberg manner on a tripod e.g. Manfrotto, Bogen that mainly protects the gear on the camera, not necessarily the photography?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Thank you for the reply. Money not a problem, but I was looking for something simpler. Along the lines of . . . :biggrin:

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  3. Lurker


    Jul 21, 2007
    You mean these guys? :smile:
  4. Yuperooooo...That's what I'm looking for! Great and thanks!

    But, I edited this reply and dang, sometimes these review make sense. Here's what one person said:

    It is a bad design. Ok, so yes it keeps your camera dry, but it is supposed to be for taking photos in the rain. It is hard to use it for that function when you have the rain runoff from your umbrella in front of the lens. Definitely not what most people are looking to get.

    And of course, that makes sense, raindrops in front of the lens. Hmmm, back to the drawing board? GROAN! Maybe tilt it back a tad so the rain only drips down on your head!
  5. Wow ,Thanks for the Idea:smile: Always keep garbage bags in my camera bag, just in case. Also keep a commercial bag, they are huge and 6 mil thick, we use them on construction sites and they are indestructible , BUT.

    Yesterday came away from a medical center with the biggest bag I have ever seen, I could definitely get myself, tripod and 400 inside this thing.:biggrin:
  6. Sure it wasn't a 'body bag'?:eek: 
  7. koolk2


    Sep 9, 2006
  8. The biggest problem I have seen with the Umbrella idea is the issue of wind, and rain direction. The Umbrella seems to work well when the rain is coming straight down, but often here in Washington is it mostly sideways :wink:

    I have the TT Hydophobia, great cover. I also have the Kata, what is neat about this one is that it comes with velcro attached sections for make it fit better for varying lens lengths, works great right up to my 400 f2.8. The two are the ones I use for my 2 cameras when I have plenty of time to attach them.

    The most interesting I have seen, and I can't find the picture, was to use a pair of rain pants. Tripod leg or Monopod goes down one leg, camera in the other, your hands and head goes into, well, the "butt" section :wink:

    The Optech Rain Sleeve is the "quick" solution that I keep in the car and in my camera bags. These puppies are quite expensive, 2 for $6.00 or so :wink::wink:, and when I need to put them on in hurry, I don't care if I rip the bottom to get them around a monopod/tripod. And they fit much better than plastic bags and shower caps.

    There are a bunch more, Tenba, Storm Jacket, etc., but these are the ones I have used or at least seen.
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