Dog Wash

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  1. Here's the pics I got from the dog wash. I ended up going with the 50mm based on the suggestion of going with the fastest lens I have. However, I'm still learning how to use that lens effectively but here's what I got. :) It was a yucky (*hot*) overcast day, so I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to. :)

    I tried to fix this overexposure but it didn't wok so well

    The actual dog washing



    Husky eyes amaze me...

    My Buster straddling the picnic tables like the weirdo he is


    Someone was nice enough to give him puppy dog ice cream :)

    This is what I usually do, take pictures of my dog - so any suggestions/critiques are graciously welcomed! :)
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  2. Nice


    I think they are all very nice.

    I am not a big fan of putting text in the middle of pictures to prevent anyone from stealing them however. Anyone who has any skills in Photoshop, and who wanted to steal them, could easily clone the text out.

    I think it creates a distraction of the photo.

    Just my opinion.

  3. Thanks! I took your advice and removed the text. :-D
  4. latazyo


    Apr 23, 2008
    number 3 is awesome

    the 50 is a great lens for shooting dogs, I have been using it a lot lately for dogs

    they are tough subjects, with different colors the whites are often blown out

    Ive had pretty good luck slightly under exposing, but you can't save really blown whites on a dog because it just turns them gray, so the best way to fix it is to avoid it

    I think you did a pretty decent job on number one considering what you had to work with
  5. aw! It's Buster and co.!

    The more pit bull shots, the better, I say.:biggrin:

    I'm a sucker for dog pictures.:biggrin:

    Good shots! And I blow out whites a lot, so I know how that is.