Dollycats Jackanory - Jax. Our friend for 12 years.

Jan 18, 2009
Weymouth, UK
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This is hard to write as its the first time I have ever had to make 'that' decision.

I adopted Jackanory at about 18 months. He was just a cuddly teddybear of a cat. Hi owners had paid £2k for him as a stud; but it seems that he, um, err doesn't like girls.... In the 10 1/2 years he has been in my life; he hasn't once tried to "mount" our Star (Female Bengal 2years his senior), but as soon as either of the boy kittens we had raised, were big enough he tried his best to get his jollies with them. Confusion abounded and a few smacks and hisses put him off).

June 30th 2021 was a horrid day for me and Jeff (my husband). Jax and Jeff had an amazing bond, a true brotherhood so to speak. I held Jax wrapped in a blanket in my arms. He cried out three times for his daddy! I almost fell apart right there, but I had to be strong for Jeff and Jax. at 10:50 the lovely vet lady gave him the injection, I cried while he just fell asleep in my arms. At least he did not suffer. The cancer had gotten worse very quickly, going downhill overnight before we went to see him off. He wasn't strong enough for surgery let alone radiation and chemo therapy. So we helped him cross the rainbow bridge so that he can rest peacefully, and chase butterflies and bunnies to his hearts content.

Here are just a few recent photos of our Big Boy. The Black one is our Dexter. The brown more traditional leopardy one is Dazzledots Social Star - Star. Star and Jax were like a married couple. They would cuddle up together, and other times pounce on each other just for the heck of it! Dexter has been trying to make friends with Jackanory, but alas no more. He is friends with Star.

There is one photo with Jack's favourite hooman; My Jeff. He is really devastated.

DSC_0281.JPG DSC_0150.JPG DSC_0148.JPG

Sharp Jackanory 2.JPG Three Amigos 24mm ISO3200.jpeg IMG_1502.png Jack-a-Snory.jpeg IMG_1425.jpeg IMG_1507.jpeg
Feb 4, 2006
On a Big Island Down Under...
So sorry to hear of your loss of Jackanory. When you lose a pet, you are losing part of your family... 😢
"The saddest moment in life is when the one who gave you the best memories becomes a memory!"
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