Dolphin & salmon - an unequal contest

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  1. Last weekend I made my third trip to the Black Isle near Inverness in Scotland to spend some time watching and shooting the bottle-nosed dolphins. At Chanonry Point, when the tide is rising at this time of year, the autumn run of salmon swim up the Moray Firth in a deepwater channel close to the shore. The local population of dolphins know this - so it is possible to get amazing views of the wild dolphins from the shoreline.


    This female dolphin was fishing with her calf. I suspect that as she was surfacing, just before I shot this photo, she killed or disabled a salmon; because she dived again immediately and resurfaced a moment later . . . .


    The exif data shows that the second photo was taken exactly 0.4 seconds after the first: which shows what efficient predators dolphins are.
    To emphasise the point, I saw her catch and eat at least two other large salmon within a period of about 15 minutes.
    D300 with 300mm F/4 AF-S Nikkor and TC1.4 & monopod. More photos of this dolphin and her calf to follow.

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  2. Hi Alan,

    That second shot is super, you can even see the Dolphin's eye and teeth!

    Bob & Nan
  3. exceptional work!
  4. I'm a sucker for dolphins. I love the second picture of her grabbing the fish.
  5. tojor


    Jul 27, 2005
    Amazing capture. Being at the right place in the right moment.
  6. . . . with the camera pointing in the right direction!

    Actually that's not a joke - you never know when or where a dolphin will turn up next. You watch the sea and you watch the people around you too, and you still miss a lot of things worth shooting!

    Thank you all for your comments.