Domke F2 Bag

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  1. I have a Domke F2... I was able to fit a D300, 70-200, 24-70 (no lens hoods).... I've added a 14-24 and now am trying to carry my hoods. The 4 section insert no longer fits if I try and fit either lens with hood and/or the 14-24. Any suggestions? I know Domke makes other inserts. Anyone use any of them?

    I guess I need the next size...
  2. Micky


    Feb 29, 2008
    Next size bigger?

    I use an F2 when I go limited, and I have the 2-lens insert.

    Forget about fitting all your gear in such a small bag.
  3. RichNY

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    The Domke F2 and F1-x are my primary bags. For what you want your best solution is to keep the 4 section insert that came with the bag and add a large single section FA-211 that can house all of your inserts. You can also put your D300 and a grip with a lens mounted face down in the F-211 which gives you a 5th lens insert.